New Styles of Avenger Men’s Safety Boots Now Available

Exciting new products are available at Discount Safety Gear – just in time for holiday shopping! We now carry two new styles of Avenger safety boots for men.

Our Avenger men’s hiking boot (pictured below) is perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of exploring the great outdoors. These boots are made with high quality, full-grain, brown crazy horse leather. They provide a metal-free, lightweight composite toe, along with abrasion guard shields on the toe and heel for additional protection. Want to hike in the dead of winter? Not a problem with these boots! On top of being waterproof, they also offer 200 grams Thinsulate Insulation so your feet will remain cozy warm and dry even in the most grim of climates. There is thick padding in the tongue and collar to maximize comfort. Available in sizes 7-17 and in medium or wide width, this boot is a perfect fit for any man.

For those who need a sturdier boot with more advanced features, the Avenger men’s boot (shown below) may be a better option. Similar to the boot above, this Avenger boot is also waterproof and made with high quality crazy horse leather. It features a carbon nanofiber composite toe and abrasion bumper shield over the toe. The major differences in this boot? Triple the amount of insulation – 600 grams Thinsulate Insulation! Made with puncture-resistant plating, this boot offers maximum protection for your feet. They have flex-welt construction, providing excellent flexibility and durability. The removable polyurethane insole provides comfort and shock absorption for those who plan to put these boots to work on long distance hikes or extended hours standing at work. This boot is oil-resistant, and its thick treads are non-slip even in wet and slippery environments. Meets ASTM2413-11 I/C and Puncture & EH Ratings. Available in sizes 7-17 in both medium and wide widths.

Avenger Men’s Composite Toe, Puncture Resistant, Waterproof, Insulated Boot

Know an avid hiker or outdoorsman? Or someone whose occupation requires a high quality durable work boot for protection? These Avenger boots would make for the perfect gift this holiday season!

This isn’t all we have to offer! Check out the entire selection of safety boots available at Discount Safety Gear – over 100 styles!

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Knee Pads

If you have a job where you work on your knees, you know how important knee padding and protection is. At Discount Safety Gear’s online store, we have a huge selection of high-quality knee pads that are perfect for any rough job. Check out a few of these great products available at unbeatable prices.

The Large Cap, Non-Marking, Cradle Technology Knee Pads offer superior comfort and protection when you’re working. These knee pads include exclusive Cradle Technology that conforms to your knee to provide the best stability and decreased rollover. This technology combines with Biometric ErgoGel for the ultimate in comfort. The knee pads also feature a non-marking design making them ideal for the workplace, as well as large bolsters, a large cap, and hook and loop closure. Order these great knee pads today for just $25.50, a savings of $8 off the list price.

The Black Gel Knee Pads are another excellent choice for workplace knee protection. These knee pads are made from Occunomix and feature a heavy-duty, oversized, abrasion resistant design that adjusts to the size of your knee. These knee pads are high quality: the gel insert will not compress over time, and the knee pads also contain a 1/2 inch of foam padding on top of that. A flat kneeling surface also allows for greater stability while on the job. The knee pads include hook and loop closure and a neoprene split strap. Order a pair of these great knee pads today for just $23.96.

The All-Terrain Knee Pads with Layered Gel by DeWalt are yet another great option for knee pads. These knee pads feature a Layered Gel design with air cushion chambers for protection on even the hardest surfaces. The knee pads also feature an accordion-style upper knee so your knee movement won’t be restricted during wear. These great knee pads are available at Construction Gear’s online store for just $27.69, a savings of almost $10 off the list price. Order yours today!

The Importance of Safety Signs

Danger - Do Not Enter Sign

Do you have a habit of ignoring safety signs? Do not worry if you do, because I am a person who has been guilty of doing the same thing. That has changed since I was at a work site and ignored safety signs for a welding area. I accidentally took a wrong turn at a manufacturing plant not paying attention to the safety signs and was nearly blinded by the welding arcs. In an effort to prevent a similar experience or worse from happening to you, I am explaining the importance of safety signs.

Safety signs provide an initial warning to staff of dangers. Picture the scenario of a new employee on his first day of work at a construction site. The person wanders about unaware of dangers lurking around every corner without any signs to avoid impending dangers. I am confident in stating most of you probably know what I am talking about. It is a miracle there are not more injuries at jobsites.

Not only are safety signs important to protect workers at a jobsite, but also the public passing by dangerous work areas. The reality is in most cases, it is nearly impossible to keep the public completely at bay from sites including road excavations, scaffolding projects, etc. An excellent way to prevent a passerby from being injured is to display proper safety signs to warn people to exercise caution as they pass the site. Safety signs act as a buffer between the public and jobsites keeping everyone safe.

Fire-Use Stairway Sign

Safety signs appropriately placed throughout the workplace have the potential to be significant players in ensuring a healthy and safe workforce. The reality is many injuries could have been prevented by displaying them. You tell me, does this make you want to be mindful of safety signs? I do hope that it does and remember, be safe!