Scale a Building or a Cliff – Product Review

Hey, Safety Girl- what’s shaking?! At SafetyGirlSNGNPH28_-00_Go-Pro-Girl-Pink-Safety-Harness_18, we keep you safe to make a fashion statement at work or play. Fall arrest protection is essential to any high-elevation job. Our Norguard Go Pro-Girl Safety Harness – 1 D Ring will ensure the safety of the worker in the event of a slip or fall.

The Go Pro-Girl Fall Arrest Harness is designed for the professional woman by Norguard and fits comfortably on the body and provides peace-of-mind to allow uninterrupted and worry-free performance of duty or execution of pleasure.
Norguard is a leading designer and manufacturer of fall protection equipment with over 20 years of experience in fall protection and has earned the ISO2000 certification ensuring ongoing commitment to best practices, processes, and customer satisfaction.
• Kwik-Lock Buckles For Easy Donning
• D-Ring Certified For Fall Arrest
• CSA, OSHA and ANSI Compliant
• 1-3/4″ Polyester, Reflective Webbing
• 5 Independent Points of Adjustment
• Available in XS, S, M, L, XL

NSC Features CSE at Expo Next Month

September is the NSC Congress & Expo in San Diego, CA. The Safety+Health magazine placed in each registration bag features Confined Space.

In keeping with that theme, I will break from my farmhouse reboot series to bring you these important CSE products!

Construction Gear and Discount Safety Gear, sister sites, both offer products for confined space entry (CSE). Construction Gear’s DBI-Sala Basic Tripod Hoist package features a no-tools set-up assembly that supports up to 310lbs. The two piece construction offers an adjustable mast and fold-up lower base for easy handling and storage. The DBI-Sala UCL Confined Space Hoist System is designed for manhole and CSE/retrieval applications. It comes equipped with an adjustable offset mast, lightweight lower mast, and 3-piece lightweight base. Winch and SRLs are sold separately.

Discount Safety Gear carries this DBI-Sala Rescue Ladder designed to provide a means of assisted rescue. The optional anchorage plate is idea for CSE systems. l Also at Discount Safety Gear are hundreds of cost-effective signs to be used in conjunction with CSE applications.


That Darn Bank!

It was full dark with no moon that evening. I had piled a pretty impressive stack of branches and sticks beside our driveway. All of a sudden inside the house my cell phone rang. This strange sounding male voice that also sounded very like my husband said, Help! Help me! I can’t get up!  In trying to pitch the yard trash over the guard rail along our drive, he also pitched himself (all 6’2”) over the guard rail and then rolled all the way down to land in a patch of bushes almost at the bottom.

bankWe live 70 feet above US 19 with access and egress directly onto 19 from our driveway.  Fifteen years ago we moved into a house with very good bones and lots of elbow grease needed. There was no landscaping except for a couple of trees on the edges. That bank was truly ugly! Over those years intervening a LOT of work has gone into the interior and exterior of our first home we ever owned.

I have had my own encounters with that bank as well.  It is a very steep incline so weeding and planting is often very dicey to say the least!  Thistles seem to prosper prolifically on that darn bank and they have to be sprayed and pulled.  It’s difficult to pull or spray with one hand holding on to a root.

cleatRecently I found a fabulous product that makes a huge difference: STABILicer Lite Ice Cleats from Discount Safety Gear. I can actually keep from sliding with these wonderful cleats.  They are meant for winter safety but work great for dust or mud safety on that darn bank!


Lumbar Support Belts

Protecting your back while you’re on the job is an incredibly important, but often underestimated, task. Fortunately, Discount Safety Gear’s online store offers high-quality lumbar support belts at unbelievably low prices. Protecting your back while you’re at work is easier than ever with these great lumbar belts. Here are just a few of the options available.

The Mesh Back Support Belt by Custom Leather Craft offers superior back protection. This belt is eight inches wide and made from breathable Lycra Spandex for comfort, and includes a top-of-the line, power net mesh back support panel for the best support possible. The front panels of the belt are also tapered for comfort while bending. This great belt is available in sizes small through extra large for just $29.89 each, a savings of over $10 off the list price!

The Spanbak Back Belt is a simple yet supportive lumbar belt. This lumbar belt features a two-part closing design and is made from breathable spandex for comfort, and a rubber grip webbing prevents the belt from riding up. The belt includes polyethylene plastic supports to keep your back safe while working. This belt is also washable and is available in sizes small through extra large for just $11.79 each.

The Mustang Back Support with Suspenders is yet another excellent lumbar belt. The belt features an 8.25-inch wide polypropylene mesh body for support and comfort as well as a powerful elastic back panel with elastic side bands and four super memory plastic stays. This lumbar belt won’t ride up, either, thanks to silicone “grip strips.” The belt also includes two sewn-on suspenders. This lumbar belt is available in sizes small through extra large for just $13.99 each, with discounts available for ordering in large quantities.

MSA Full-Mask Respirators

If you work in hazardous conditions or with dangerous chemicals, we don’t have to tell you the importance of having a high-quality respirator when you’re on the job. But, at Discount Safety Gear, we can tell you that we have some fantastic options for respirators at unbeatable prices. We offer a wide variety of full-mask respirators and supplies from MSA, one of the most popular and trusted safety equipment brands on the market. Check out one of these great models.

The MSA Advantage 3000 Respirator is one of the best choice for a full-mask respirator. This respirator features a soft, pliable silicone face piece for extra comfort when you’re wearing this mask on the job. To make this face piece, MSA actually took face measurements from over 8,000 people, so we can almost guarantee you’ll be happy with the way this mask fits you. The face piece design also allows for extremely low breathing resistance and also includes a nose cup that reduces fogging when working in cool temperatures or in high humidity.

The MSA Advantage 3000 Respirator lens is sure to meet anyone’s high expectations as well. The lens wraps around your entire face and is also scratch resistant, offering you the best in comfort, visibility, and safety. The lens meets protective eye and face requirements for ANSI Z87.1.2003.

This great respirator is also versatile, compatible with all MSA filters and cartridges, and Discount Safety Gear has a great selection of these as well.

Order the MSA Advantage 3000 Respirator today in size small, medium, or large for just $138.99. If you need to order extra quantities of this mask, you can order this one for as low as $125.09.

MSA Half-Mask Respirators

If you work with hazardous chemicals or in a hazardous environment, then you surely know the importance of having a high-quality respirator when you’re on the job. At Discount Safety gear’s online store, you’ll find a great selection of half-mask respirators and supplies by MSA, one of the most popular and trusted safety equipment brands on the market. Check out just a few of the MSA respirators and supplies available at Discount Safety Gear’s online store.

The MSA Advantage 200 LS Respirator with OV-N95 Cartridges is an excellent choice for safety workers looking for a half-mask respirator. This respirator is extra comfortable due to its lightweight; the new clear blue front face piece design subtracts about one quarter of the weight from the mask and also adds a noticeable softness to this popular respirator. The mask is made of a soft, pliable combination of rubber and plastic for an extra comfortable and customized fit. For extra safety, MSA’s patented Multiflex system allows the mask to seal equally over your face with unparalleled stability.

This great mask is available in sizes small, medium, and large for just $38.09. Discounts are also available for order in quantities of three or more. The mask also comes with two OV-N95 cartridges, and extra OV-N95 cartridges can be ordered from Discount Safety Gear’s online store for just $12.09.

The MSA Advantage 200 LS Respirator with MultiGas R95 Cartridges is another great choice for a half-mask respirator. Similar in quality and style to the MSA Advantage 200 LS Respirator with OV-N95 Cartridges, this mask also features the lightweight, clear blue face piece to make this mask comfortable to wear on the job. The mask is also made from the same combination of soft, pliable rubber and plastic and the patented Multiflex system that seals equally over your face. This mask is available at Discount Safety Gear’s online store in sizes small, medium, and large for just $41.09, and discounts are available for ordering quantities of three or more. The mask comes with two MultiGasR95 Cartridges, and extra MultiGas R95  cartridges can be ordered for only $13.09.

AO Safety Glasses

by the Professional Power Tool Guide

No matter how long you’ve been in the manufacturing or construction business, the first thing that you are taught to remember at all times is that there is no substitute for safety on every project. While you might feel like you are so comfortable around equipment and your crew that nothing could possibly go wrong, it just takes one misstep or one accident to seriously injure yourself or someone else. The most basic piece of safety equipment on any job, big or small, is the safety glasses. If you have found yourself in need of a new pair of eyewear to keep you safe on the job, you should know that AO safety glasses are some of the best on the market.

AO Safety Glasses

Manufactured proudly in North America, AO safety glasses have been setting the standard for the most efficient and durable safety glasses for many years. These glasses are preferred by experts in every industry and genre of business because they are designed to be stylish, comfortable, and strong. No matter what kind of materials or machines you’re working with, you can be sure that these glasses from AO are going to keep your eyes safe.

One of the best features of AO safety glasses is that they are available in a variety of different weights, styles and price ranges so that they can be tailored to fit the kind of jobs that you find yourself faced with every day. Men and women can both enjoy AO styles that were designed specifically for their type of face and work style. There are heavy duty glasses that can be worn in blasting and drilling zones as well as lighter weight glasses that can be used in more intricate jobs.

Another important thing to keep in mind about AO safety glasses is that they are all prepared to meet or exceed all ANSI standards for safety gear that can be used in industrial situations. If you are an owner or manager, it will save you money and time in the long run to make sure that all of your safety gear meets or exceeds these standards whenever possible. If something were to go wrong, the quality of your safety gear is the first thing that will be called into question. Choosing the best eye safety wear from AO is a good way to show your valuable employees that you care about their well being.