I Need Safety Sunglasses!

Has shopping for safety sunglasses been a hassle for you?

With all of the different colored lenses, it can be quite the ordeal. Trust me, I know this from my own experience. After being blinded by the sun for months, I finally decided to purchase safety sunglasses. Let me tell you the choices of lens colors were very confusing. Lucky for all of you industrial workers there is the Wiley X Lens Color Guide. It has descriptions for 12 different colors of lenses. Sound overwhelming? Trust me this guide makes the selection process much easier.

Here are a few hints for finding the right safety sunglasses for you:

Silver, Smoke Green, Blue Ice, Smoke, and Red lenses provide optimal glare reduction for bright sunny days.

Pale Yellow, Light Rust, and Pale Rose lenses have just the right amount of glare reduction for overcast or low light days.
Bronze Brown and Copper lenses provide good glare reduction as well as enhance terrain details and contours.

Light Adjusting Gray lenses adjust to the level of light that you are in. The lens becomes darker in bright light and lighter in low light.
Check back soon for more postings about safety glasses. You never know what you will read next!

Wiley X Safety Sunglasses Provide Functionalism and Style

Do you appreciate function, quality, and price? I do and that is why I am issuing this product review about safety sunglasses by Wiley X Eyewear. The company definitely thought to design safety with functionalism and style in mind. At first glance these appeared to be regular everyday sunglasses. The reality is Wiley X sunglasses are ANSI compliant as well.

Wiley X Safety Sunglasses

You can wear these glasses for hunting, work, motorcycle riding, fishing, sports, going out, or anything else you can think of. Not only are Wiley X sunglasses functional and stylish they have several outstanding features. Look and see for yourself.

* Ultrafoam and Facial CavityTM designs protect the eyes from contact with wind, sand, dirt, etc. Also reduces the occurrence of dry-eye syndrome by eliminating airflow around the eyes.

* Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate Lenses are made from impact resistant materials that prevent your lenses from breaking.

* T-Shell and Foil Lens hard coatings provide both anti-scratch and anti-fog protection.

* Most styles are prescription ready making life more pleasant by reducing the need for a second pair of safety glasses.

* Lenses provide glare reduction with 100% UVA/UVB protection and distortion free clarity so that you see colors as they really are.

* Frames made of heat resistant material eliminating fears that your glasses will melt.

* Frames are designed with a 90-degree wrap-back design eliminating tunnel vision.

* Lenses exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI Z80.3 optical standards.

* Large selection of safety glasses to choose from to suit your individual preference.

Wiley X Safety Sunglasses

Wiley X safety sunglasses are an ideal for anyone who wants to purchase one pair of glasses to use for everything. Yes, the prices are slightly higher than other brands, but you save money in the long run. You save money by your safety glasses being durable, dependable, and can go wherever you go. Who does not want to save money and have the convenience of all-in-one sunglasses?

What is the Difference Between Polarized and Mirrored Sunglasses?

It is a confusing ordeal when purchasingĀ  safety sunglasses. You are standing in front of a display and they all look the same. Some have labels on them that read “polarized lenses” and others “mirrored lenses.” Many of you are probably asking, “What’s the difference between polarized and mirrored safety sunglasses?”

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are designed with a special coating applied between two halves of the lens to prevent cracking and peeling. The coating is applied vertically to reflect or block 99.9% of horizontally polarized light. You see, reflected light is generally horizontally polarized and the vertical positioning of the coating acts to block or reflect it.

Wiley X Polarized Safety Sunglasses

Features and Benefits of Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses reduce the occurrence of eyestrain. This is caused by the need to squint in the presence of bright light. Extended periods of squinting have the potential to cause damage to your eyes as well as severe headache. Safety sunglasses with polarized lenses are an ideal solution for those people whose eyes are light sensitive. The polarized coating makes life easier for dealing with light sensitivity. Glare is significantly reduced by 99.9% preventing eyestrain from occurring. Polarized safety sunglasses may be worn inside for tasks such as working at a computer.

Another fantastic feature of polarized lenses is they do not distort colors or clarity. For example, anglers have been enthusiastic fans since they give them the ability to see fish in the water. Not only are these lenses popular with anglers, but also laborers who work outdoors, people who experience light sensitivity, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Seeing as the polarized coating does not distort colors or clarity, you can wear sunglasses as if you were not wearing them at all.

Polarized sunglasses are also great for reducing the chance of accidents while driving. This type of lens assists while driving, because there is no distortion of color or clarity, which is particularly helpful in being able to see traffic light colors. Many sunglasses have the ability to distort colors and therefore you may mistake the traffic light being the appropriate color. Another way this feature benefits you is the reduction of glare on the road, your hood, or any other highly reflective surface. Glare from your hood, the road, or other reflective surfaces can blind you and cause an accident. Polarized lenses can significantly reduce the chances of accidents by blocking or reflecting the light allowing you to see fully while driving.

Lenses with a polarized coating are also scratch resistant, unlike their mirrored counterparts. You may be wondering how these lenses can be scratch resistant with a coating on them and the answer is pure genius. Polarized sunglasses have scratch resistant lenses compliments of the method of coating application. The polarized coating is applied between two halves of the lens significantly reducing the chance of scratches and peeling.

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses are made with a reflective coating (also called flash coating) applied to the outside of dark lenses to reflect bright light. The mirrored coating is created by bonding a thin layer of vaporized metal to the surface of the lens. It reduces the amount of glare, but not the ultraviolet light.

Features and Benefits of Mirrored Lenses

A unique attribute to mirrored sunglasses is the person wearing them does not view the world in the color of the lens. It is an interesting phenomenon seeing as the coating is applied over a dark lens to start with. Only the person looking at the mirrored lenses sees the color.

Crews Mirrored Safety Sunglasses

The mirrored coating is simply for cosmetic purposes in a rainbow of colors as well as silver, gold, and copper metallic. It acts as a one-way mirror allowing you to see them and they cannot see you. Hence the name, mirrored sunglasses.

Mirrored sunglasses are great for being in the sun for extended periods of time. In spite of the fact that mirrored lenses do not provide ultraviolet light protection, there is still is good glare reduction. Granted the glare reduction is not as good as that of polarized, but anything is better than nothing.

Now that you are an informed consumer, go out and find theĀ  safety sunglasses that are right for you. Be careful and enjoy the sun!

Cheap vs. Pricey Safety Sunglasses

There is an age-old saying: You get what you pay for. Is this true when purchasing safety sunglasses? The answer to that is it all depends on what you are looking for. I did an extensive review of all our safety sunglasses and found that they provide similar features. The differences were in style and versatility.

Cheap Safety Sunglasses

You can purchase safety sunglasses ranging in price from $1.49 – $122.50. This made me wonder: are the expensive safety sunglasses better than their counterparts? My findings showed me this all depends upon personal preference. While testing all the different safety sunglasses, I did notice that as the price increased so did function and style. The less-expensive styles ranging in price from $1.49 – $16.99 appeared to be those that could only be worn at work. I say this because they were a basic plain design only meant for work purposes.

Do not get me wrong these glasses provided all the features you need, such as lightweight, durable, high impact polycarbonate lenses, 99.9% UVA/UVB protection, and they meet ANSI Z87.1 standards. The styles in the less expensive price range are a great deal for wearing to work alone. What if you would rather not purchase separate sunglasses for all the other activities in life, such as cutting the grass, fishing, hunting, sports, etc.?

I, myself, am one of those people who prefers to purchase items that are multi-functional in use. Therefore, as I continued my review of our safety sunglasses, I found that the styles priced from $17.99-$122.50 offered this feature. As the price of different styles increased so did the versatility factor.

Mid Priced Safety Sunglasses

You see, many manufacturers are offering safety sunglasses that are for work as well as all the other activities in your life. The styles in this price range do not look like traditional safety glasses. They are cool and stylish without anyone knowing they feature industrial eye protection. I am telling you eye protection has evolved into another arena, offering people the convenience of purchasing one pair of sunglasses that offer all the features you need such as lightweight, durable, high impact polycarbonate lenses, 99.9% UVA/UVB protection, and they meet ANSI Z87.1 standards. Yes, these styles are more expensive, but a bargain in the end. You only need one pair of sunglasses for everything.

Expensive Safety Sunglasses

In essence, it all boils down to what you plan to do with your safety sunglasses. Are you strictly wearing them to work? If so, then I recommend purchasing a less expensive style. Are you wearing your safety sunglasses for multiple purposes such as fishing, work, sports, hunting, motorcycle riding, etc.? In this instance, you are better to purchase a style in the higher price bracket to have the convenience of one pair of sunglasses. Besides, who needs more things to keep track of? One pair of sunglasses to do it all… it is ingenious.