MSA Safety Harness

Since its inception in 1914, the MSA Company has remained the world leader in the manufacture of sophisticated safety products designed to protect people throughout the world. This long-standing tradition of excellent quality and dependability truly resonates throughout the entire MSA Safety Harness product line.

MSA safety harnesses are available in primarily two varieties – vestype and pullover. Vestype safety harnesses are typically the more popular of the two varieties. A Vestype (or vest-style) safety harness is put on and worn exactly like a typical jacket. Pullover safety harnesses on the other hand, are put on over the head; similar to putting on a sweater.

MSA Safety HarnessOne of the most popular varieties of vest-style MSA safety harnesses comes from MSA’s new Workman product line. The MSA Workman Safety Harness truly was designed with comfort and safety in mind. This particular harness features lightweight components along with durable yellow polyester webbing for better visibility. Also, the MSA Workman Safety Harness was designed to fit a wide range of body types and sizes, with a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.

Conversely, one of the most popular varieties of pullover MSA safety harnesses is designed a bit differently. Unlike the MSA Workman Safety Harness, the Gravity MSA Safety Harness features a cross-over design. This particular safety harness is best suited for controlled descent, positioning, ladder climbing, rescue and fall arrest. Also, the Gravity MSA Safety Harness meets ANSI Z 359.1 and OSHA standards and is CSA certified.MSA Safety Harness

Whether you’re looking for a traditional vest-style, or an ergonomically designed pullover safety harness, be sure to check out MSA’s extensive line of safety harnesses before making your next purchase!

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Rugged Blue Safety Harness: Quality For Less

Are you looking for value and competitive prices? proudly introduces Rugged Blue full-body safety harnesses. Available now are full-body safety harnesses from Rugged Blue’s 7007 series. If you are seeking superior durability, excellent safety features, and competitive pricing then the fall protection gear in this line are for you.

Rugged Blue Safety Harness

There are four models to choose from with Rugged Blue’s 7007 series of full-body safety harnesses. Each model has its own features and benefits while providing excellent fall protection and durability. Several features of the 7007 series full-body safety harnesses are:

  • Single back D-ring, 2 D-rings or 4 D-rings
  • 2-point or 3-point adjustability
  • Standard mating buckle leg straps or 9-position tongue buckle leg straps
  • 6,300 lb. polyester webbing
  • Exceed OSHA and ANSI requirements

To make life a little bit easier here a few tips to remember when purchasing a safety harness. Make sure you choose the appropriate fit. Safety harnesses are available in a variety of sizes (refer to a sizing chart to determine the best size for you). Select fall protection that is easy for you to use and adjust. Safety harnesses are primarily available in two styles: vestype (vest style) and pullover (cross-chest).The vestype is put on the same way as a jacket and the pullover is put on like a sweater. Neither style is better than the other; it is a simple matter of personal preference.

A couple notes of reference are safety harnesses are not guaranteed to prevent injury; they are designed to reduce the risk of injury. In addition, do not forget that all of the components of a safety harness must be properly assembled and in good working order to reduce risk of injury. With that said, stay safe at work.