New Biohazard Gear Kit Now Available from Online Stores, Inc.


New Biohazard Gear Kit Now Available from Online Stores, Inc.

biohazard-kit-subNew Stanton, PA – 28 October 2014 – Responding to widespread concern about proper protection against viral outbreaks, Discount Safety Gear, a subsidiary of Online Stores, has produced a biohazard Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kit and public service video on how to put on and remove the gear to avoid contamination. The kit consists of all the pieces for medium-level protection against hazardous materials. It can be purchased here.

This 6-item kit contains a box of nitrile gloves (2 pr), chemical protective hooded coverall, goggles, N95 respirators (box of 20), bionic face shield, and full length heavy gloves. Priced at $55.99, the PPE kit is positioned to be affordable for most, during recent health concerns. The components were carefully chosen to provide maximum benefit for the typical citizen, with consideration given to comfort, flexibility, breathability, and impermeability.

The accompanying video, culled from best practices, is a brief but through walk-through of how to safely suit up and remove the equipment. It can be viewed here.

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AO Safety Glasses – Buying Guide

When it comes to eye protection, AO safety glasses are extremely popular. Professionals around the world love AO safety glasses because they’re inexpensive, stylish, and functional. More importantly, AO safety glasses comply with all regulations pertaining to eye protection, meaning they truly will keep your eyes safe.

Lexa Safety Glasses

AO safety glasses are available in a wide range of styles. Glasses in AO’s Lexa line, for instance, are known for having a sleek design that not only follows the facial outline of the wearer, but actually blends with it as well, thus providing full coverage and optimum protection. These AO safety glasses are also great because of their scratch-resistant lenses and anti-fog lens-coating.

Nuvo Safety Glasses

If it’s bifocal safety glasses that you’re on the hunt for, check out AO’s Nuvo line. These AO safety glasses offer workers a really classic look, and they’re great for anyone that needs to read small print during their workday. Other features include side shields, a soft nosepiece, and a cushioned brow bar for added comfort. AO safety glasses don’t get much better.

Maxim Goggles

Maybe it’s not AO safety glasses at all that you’re looking for, but instead goggles. AO offers several different types of safety goggles, including their Maxim splash goggle. These goggles from AO have a low profile for supreme comfort. Their lenses are also fog-free, so you won’t have any trouble seeing. Their soft shroud and lightweight frames only add to the comfort.

In the end, the type of AO safety glasses that you choose will depend largely on the type of work you’re looking to do. But whichever type you decide to get, rest assured that you’ll be getting a quality product. AO safety glasses are known the world over for offering customers a high level of quality at an affordable price. AO safety glasses really are número uno!

Welding Helmets & Goggles Guide

jacksonFibre Metal® and Jackson® are two of the best manufacturers in the industry bringing you the trustworthy equipment you need to get the job done right. Safety is the number one issue when it comes to welding; all Jackson and Fibre Metal welding helmets meet ANSI Z87.1+ standards, and we carry both brands at some of the lowest prices you’ll find on the Internet.

Jackson Head-Turners ™ Glory Welding Helmet, Shade 10 is an excellent way to fly Old Glory while you’re working, and with Independence Day just around the corner, what better way to fly the Stars and Stripes? Jackson Head-Turners Glory Welding Helmet meets ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards.

Fibre Metal Tigerhood Futura Welding Helmets incorporates an innovative streamlined design with superior fibre metalheat-blocking performance to help your workday run much smoother and cooler. This Fibre Metal Tigerhood Futura Welding Helmet has a higher melting point and high impact resistance. Splatters are shed more efficiently due to the ultra-smooth finish on the helmet’s surface, which makes it more chemical, scratch and crack-resistant. Colors available on this model are black or silver.

Jackson Welding Goggles WS-85 (5 IRUV): These Jackson welding goggles utilize an Infradura shade 5 filter lens and a clear inner lens, meets ANSI Z87.1+ standards and are built to last giving all-round excellent performance. This model of Jackson cover goggles conveniently lift up at the front and have a flexible frame. Quantity discounts apply.

Fibre Metal Welding Goggles – Flexible/Rigid Frame – VG800H5 (5.0) are equipped with plastic frames that hug the contours of your face for a comfortable fit, durable elastic headbands, a Shade #5 filter, and a clear cover plate. This model features 50 mm reinforced flexible frame with lift-up front, and vents for heating and evaporation. This item usually ships in 2-3 business days.

Wear the Correct Safety Glasses – Perform a Hazard Assessment

safety glassesEvery day between 1,000 and 2,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace, and most victims say that they didn’t think safety glasses were necessary for the type of work they were doing. In order to prevent this from happening to you, OSHA encourages employers and craftsmen to perform a Hazard Assessment around their work area. By assessing the risks, you can evaluate what type of eye protection would be best for your specific situation.

A Hazard Assessment evaluates the five areas of risk:
hazard assessment

Over 70% of eye related accidents occur from flying objects. This can be anything as small as a piece of sand, up to larger pieces of debris. Those working in masonry, chiseling, drilling or power fastening should be especially cautious. Depending on the work environment, determine how durable you need your safety glasses to be.

Safety glasses are a must for any type of environment where the worker is exposed to extreme heat. Those working in welding, casting, or with furnaces should especially be alert to the danger of heat damage. For smaller projects welding goggles are the perfect solution

About one-fifth of eye injuries are due to chemical splashes or harmful vapors and fumes. Protect your eyes with special goggles or chemical safety glasses, especially when working with acids and chemicals.

Nearly three-fifths of eye injuries are from particles smaller than a pin’s head. It is important to wear snug fitting safety goggles when performing jobs such as woodworking, sanding, or buffing.

Optical Radiation
Be very carful to protect your eyes from radiant energy, glare, and extremely bright lights. Jobs that pose this hazard include welding, soldering, and laser work. Depending on the job a welding helmet might be the right choice.

After assessing the possible risk(s) that your work environment poses, you can better equip yourself or your employees to keep everyone’s eyes safe and sound!

For the official OSHA Hazard Assessment guidelines please visit this website .

welding goggles