Keep Your Eyes Safe & Protected!

Last time we covered ear safety so it makes some sense to talk about eye protection today. Eye protection is not spoken of as much as it should. You may not think your eyes need protection but surprisingly, they need as much protection as your ears do! Here are just a few of our safety glasses:


Safety Goggles are the most popular method of eye protection,as they can be used for nearly anything. They are also good for working outdoors, keeping debris out of the eye when doing outdoor work and even protecting against harmful splatters from chemicals. In addition to work, eye protection can also apply to learning and sports. Many schools use them for science classes involving chemistry or any other class that calls for the use of them. Some sports also involve the use of eye protection like swimming and skiing.


Shaded Safety Goggles can not only help protect your eyes externally but also internally, as well. Many of them protect against UV rays which can damage your eyes after prolonged sun exposure. We also recommend seeing your local eye care professional at least once a year to ensure your eyes are healthy and are getting the best care.


You can also choose from our many brands of safety glasses. Many of our brands are well-known, like DeWalt, 3M, and Pyramex. Choose from many shade colors like clear, blue, brown/bronze, or silver! And did you know you can also customize your safety glasses to include your company logo? They are perfect for your business, employees, or customers.



Beginning in the Bathroom

I tried to knock out as much as I could on the bathroom while Andy was away on his annual golf weekend. I had high aspirations. It’s a tiny room; how hard can it be!? Ha!

Thursday evening I mapped out my plan. Ceiling first, then cabinetry. I assembled my supplies and equipment, and Andy called.
“Why are you whispering?” I asked.
“Because if the guys know I am calling you, they will be merciless. They think I’m in the shower. You know Tom and Brad are bragging you up.”
“Tell the guys that if I am all that, you gotta maintain it.” I don’t understand how men miss that logic. “How was your day?”
“Incredible. I am having the time of my life.” [tons of noise in the background] “The guys just came in and busted me talking to you. I gotta go.” {click}

disp work glovesSaturday morning while Andy was having a three-aspirin cup of coffee, my first priority was the ceiling. I found a can of usable ceiling paint in the basement, so my only cost was an $8 roller kit on sale at a local big box store. I have heard many people say, “I didn’t think it needed it, but after doing it, what a difference!” Not so much for me. The ceilings in the house are generally good. My advice: if it looks like it was painted in the last year or so, a good washing is sufficient.

coverallThe SafetyGirl pink toolbelt was really handy for the overhead work. I stood on a small step stool to reach the fixture and with the belt, my cleaning supplies as well as screw driver were all there. No need to get up and down off the stool to retrieve items. The belt fit over the disposable 3M coveralls, which again were a huge help. I didn’t ruin any clothes with white paint drops. While these are meant to be tossed at the end of each day, they were so durable that I was able to use them for the entire two-phase project.

20140810_093800I decided to refurbish the cabinetry with a restoration kit that was left over from my prior home. The vanity was a dark wood and the kit was espresso – not much difference that I didn’t need to be immaculate with the procedure. I cleaned it, deglossed it, and then applied two coats of the espresso bond coat. I added a horrible textured silver patina and while I like the look better than if I had not used the metallic product, I was not entirely pleased with the texture and spreadability. For the deglossing, I wore the disposable gloves because the liquid was supposed to be pretty caustic. The thing I like best about the gloves is that they are breathable, yet offer great grip with the coated palms.

I purchased new hardware for the vanity from Big Box, and was hugely disappointed. Apparently the ceiling painting was just one time waster over the weekend. Some of the drawer pulls required a silicone lubricant to remove, which was another half hour. Then the new brushed silver drawer pulls fit only some of the drawers because the sink base is so old. The two sets of different sized screws that came with, were either too long or too short. I tried to use the old-hardware screws, which were the mama bear size, but they also did not work because of the mechanics of the old pulls. After much frustration, I painted the old tarnished hardware with the metallic textured finish and reinstalled them. They look better than they did, but are definitely dated. Now I have another trip to Big Box to return the new hardware. I am deciding whether I should try again on different handles and ask if Big Box will give me additional screws in the proper size. Let me know what you think!

Again I wore the disposable coveralls, which was a good thing. The glaze was very sticky and the silver paint was dark. Any miscalculation would have ruined my clothes. The cost for this task was $3, for the metallic paint, thanks to the leftover cabinet kit and the return of the hardware.
While Andy was hitting golf balls and drinking Patron, I cleaned and put away best I could. Time to start stripping wallpaper.

Saturday evening I got a text: “Call me on the hotel number. Reception here is bad.” I called and again, a whispered hello.
“Were the guys merciless last night?” I wanted to know.
“Oh yeah. They think I’m talking to Lucy. I actually did call her first.”
“Tell me about your day?” [noise again]
“Yeah, dad, tell mom I miss her too,” he said in a loud voice.
“Seriously?!” [shuffling and phone changing hands]
Tom: “Who is this?” [me trying to sound like Dad and ending up laughing instead] “Dude, you gave her the ROOM phone number!?”
Andy: “I gotta go.” {click}

20140810_093358I removed the over-toilet cabinet and shelving so the wallpaper stripping would go easier. I also removed the large homemade sconce lighting to see what I’d be up against in the wiring of new fixtures. To my great relief, my dad just had small junction box holes and the wiring capped nicely. I expected the lights may be covering huge defects of some sort.

Sunday after church, while still in my dress, I started pulling wallpaper while I waited to hear from Andy. A relatively clean job. The vinyl layer came off pretty easily and I sprayed the paper layer to soften the glue. The bathroom was quickly littered with shreds of old paper.

True to form, I got a text that Andy would be home earlier than expected because he needed to pick up Lucy from work, for me to be at the house at 1:30. As it was 1 and I had a hamper in the tub and hadn’t eaten lunch yet, I told him that time frame would not work (go, me!). My first time with a counter offer on together time. He told me to do what I needed to do to have peace about the upcoming week, and stop by when I was ready. I had had enough of that bathroom and was there by 2. I stayed until supper time so he could finish his day with father-daughter time.

And you know, he brought the girls back new sunglasses, and me five little “his and hers” Patron XO sets.



Ready, Set, Go!

Floor20140715_201112The single bathroom is a tiny space with peeling wallpaper and dark and outdated cabinetry. I have chosen to start here because it should be relatively easy to freshen this room quickly. Call it my warmup, if you will.

I propose to paint the flooring and cabinetry, remove some of the outdated accessories, and add new fixtures. All over the course of four weeks. Sounds pretty simple. I’ve done my homework on what is needed to paint the vinyl flooring but until I’ve removed the wall sconces, I’m not sure what I am going to be getting into electrical-wise. We’ll find out together!coverall

The products I am going to feature for this room are SafetyGirl’s tool belt, sold on our SafetyGirl, Construction Gear, and Discount Safety Gear websites; and disposable coveralls, sold on our Discount Safety Gear and Construction Gear websites. Some other stuff I will use on our site will be featured in later room blogs, but I will also be using a respirator, gloves, and safety glasses.

My goal for this room is to complete my transformation in about $200 and one month’s time. The look I am going for is a spa-type one. I understand with a smallish, oldish bathroom and only $200 I will not get the pebbled-floor walk-in oversized glass shower with multiple shower heads that I want. Maybe when I add a master bath…Use vanity

Use wallI have purchased latex porch and patio paint, and Bullseye 1-2-3 primer. I will need to sand the floor, clean it, maybe also buy a deglosser, and definitely find a clear top coat. The paint is the palest seafoam green latex and I think it was supposed to be acrylic-based so I am unsure how it will fare.  The cabinetry will be done using Rustoleum’s Cabinet Transformations in Espresso. None of these companies has compensated me, nor do I represent them. I would like brushed stainless hardware for the cabinets. The existing towel bar will need to be replaced with something more modern. I also want to strip and paint the walls. So far, I am up to about $150 in consumables. Paint brushes and rollers will round out my parts list. I can keep the existing shower curtain and liner, and tub if I give it a good scrub. I want to keep the room uncluttered so I will be removing the curtain from the frosted window. If I have budget at the end of this project I will replace either the medicine cabinet’s sconce lighting or the ceiling light/fan fixture.

To interject some heart into this post so it doesn’t sound so commercial, Andy went for his annual golf weekend with the boys since I last blogged. My heart is heavy; the night before he left we had to deal with some pretty big pain from a pretty important girl. Some days are simply filled with introspection.


Pandora’s Construction Box

Last month you were introduced to my small world. So far we have Mo, my mom who has moved to independent living. We have me, who will be updating the old farmhouse. We have my BF Andy, who lives with his two daughters, Lucy and Grace, about five miles from my house. We all live about 1-2 hours away from where I work (depending on traffic) at Online Stores. Construction GearDiscount Safety Gear, and SafetyGirl are the stores whose products I will be using during the farmhouse reboot. While Lucy and Grace fight over who gets to test the Mace pepper spray guns, I root through my box of goodies and try to sort out what I will be using on what room. Soon I will start in the bathroom and walk you through some of my projects with featured products, but since I opened Pandora’s box of construction and safety stuff, I took some photos and have some thoughts to share on a few products before I start.

20140726_101018My sister is a nut for keeping her body pure. Since my dad died early of cancer from working hard as a construction foreman all his life despite a squeaky-clean lifestyle, I wanted to reassure her that I will not be breathing anything harmful. This respirator is only $13.31 and is very easy to assemble and use. There are also additional cartridges and filters to extend the life of this mask. It is comfortable, adjusts well, and was easy to breathe in. I will be using this when I use solvents and other chemicals.

Andy was with me when I opened the safety glasses. I got a couple pair because I couldn’t believe how attractive they all are. I’m middle-aged and I absolutely love the bifocals.20140801_192656 All of these glasses double as sunglasses. I know I work for this company and am supposed to say nice things about the products, but honestly, it is so easy. The Edge Kazbek pair sells for only $11.09. They are ANSI compliant, they block UV, and they look killer on. Andy, who wears safety glasses daily (he manages operations at a steel mill), tried on the Edge Reclus and said they were by far more comfortable than any other pair he’s worn, and would be great to wear for biking, too. I took a photo of the glasses so you can see what he means by the rubberized nose piece and comfort factor. The bridge is made of flexible notched rubber to seat properly without pinching. I bet these go missing from my house…

One 20140726_130824last item I dug out of the box while I still had enough energy to use them: shoe cleats. I put these on my lawnmowing shoes, as there is a hillside behind the house. They looked kind of small out of the package but stretched nicely to cover the shoe, and stay there. They were light. My feet dug into the dirt while I mowed the slopes. I am thinking they are going with me to the golf course and will be great in the winter, too.

Bifocal Safety Glasses – Reading on the Job

If you have bad eyes and need to read building plans, safety manuals, or other types of documents while on the job, bifocal safety glasses can be a real lifesaver. Made by a number of reliable companies such as MSA, Pyramex, and AOSafety, bifocal safety glasses are inexpensive, comfortable and durable.

Nuvo Glasses

AOSafety makes several different bifocal safety glasses, but their Nuvo glasses are particularly popular with workers around the country. The lower half of the Nuvo glasses’ anti-fog, grey lenses is covered with magnifying values, making it easy for the wearer to read fine print and other hard-to-see details. These bifocal glasses from AOSafety also have integral side shields, a soft, universal-fit nosepiece, a cushioned brow bar and soft temples for all-day comfort.

Another popular manufacturer of bifocal safety glasses is MSA. MSA bifocal safety glasses are worn every day of the year by folks working in diverse positions within the construction, mining, nuclear and oil industries—just to name a few. They’re also very reasonably priced, which is always nice when shopping for anything.

MSA Glasses

Struggling to see clearly on the job is not only annoying but also dangerous, which makes not wearing bifocal safety glasses just plain stupid. Stop straining your eyes at work. Stop putting yourself and your coworkers in danger by obstructing your vision. Stop being foolish and get yourself a good pair of bifocal safety glasses. Would a surgeon carry out an operation without being able to see properly? I hope not! So why should you be any different? Your vision is serious business. Get your bifocal safety glasses today.

Safety Glasses – Side Shields & Accessories

Everyone knows that safety glasses are a real must-have for anyone working in one the various sectors of the construction industry, but what about side shields and other safety glasses accessories? Having side shields on your safety glasses could prevent dangerous particles and debris from getting in your eyes, and other safety glasses accessories, such as safety glasses cases, can help keep your safety glasses looking like new for years to come.

Side shields go for as little as $2.25 each, which isn’t much money when you take into consideration what it is that they’re protecting: your eyes! Is $2.25 too much to spend on eye protection? I don’t think so.

Are you always losing your safety glasses? If so, you should consider using safety glasses cords. They’ll keep your safety glasses around your neck when you’re not wearing them. That way, you won’t have to set them down, only to forget where later. And with so many different safety glasses cords available, you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

What about scratches? Are your safety glasses constantly getting scratched or just plain busted up in general? Why not get yourself a nice safety glasses case? That way, you won’t have to worry about your safety glasses getting destroyed out on the jobsite. Are you the wife of a construction worker? A nice safety glasses case would make a great gift!

Finally, we know how safety glasses tend to fog up during the work day. It’s so annoying! That’s why you should use some safety glasses anti-fog cleaner to keep yourself seeing clearly straight through to the day’s end. There are many different types of safety glasses anti-fog cleaner, including spray and towelette versions. Get yours today!

AO Safety Glasses

by the Professional Power Tool Guide

No matter how long you’ve been in the manufacturing or construction business, the first thing that you are taught to remember at all times is that there is no substitute for safety on every project. While you might feel like you are so comfortable around equipment and your crew that nothing could possibly go wrong, it just takes one misstep or one accident to seriously injure yourself or someone else. The most basic piece of safety equipment on any job, big or small, is the safety glasses. If you have found yourself in need of a new pair of eyewear to keep you safe on the job, you should know that AO safety glasses are some of the best on the market.

AO Safety Glasses

Manufactured proudly in North America, AO safety glasses have been setting the standard for the most efficient and durable safety glasses for many years. These glasses are preferred by experts in every industry and genre of business because they are designed to be stylish, comfortable, and strong. No matter what kind of materials or machines you’re working with, you can be sure that these glasses from AO are going to keep your eyes safe.

One of the best features of AO safety glasses is that they are available in a variety of different weights, styles and price ranges so that they can be tailored to fit the kind of jobs that you find yourself faced with every day. Men and women can both enjoy AO styles that were designed specifically for their type of face and work style. There are heavy duty glasses that can be worn in blasting and drilling zones as well as lighter weight glasses that can be used in more intricate jobs.

Another important thing to keep in mind about AO safety glasses is that they are all prepared to meet or exceed all ANSI standards for safety gear that can be used in industrial situations. If you are an owner or manager, it will save you money and time in the long run to make sure that all of your safety gear meets or exceeds these standards whenever possible. If something were to go wrong, the quality of your safety gear is the first thing that will be called into question. Choosing the best eye safety wear from AO is a good way to show your valuable employees that you care about their well being.

Safety Glasses by North

Trust your eye protection to one of the best manufacturers in the industry, with the know-how and experience to fulfill all your safety glasses needs. North has it all: design, special coatings, comfort and fit. Check out their line of reasonably priced safety glasses that meet ANSI safety standards for front and side impact.

North Safety GlassesNorth Squire Safety Glasses feature 100% wraparound nylon frames with one piece polycarbonate lenses featuring integrated side-shields for maximum eye protection. The lenses are treated with North’s exclusive 3A coating (Anti-scratch, Anti-UV, and Anti-static) to prolong the life of the safety glasses. The wide field of vision is maximized by the design of these safety glasses, and they have an adjustable temple for a comfortable fit. These glasses meet and/or exceed ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 requirements.

North N-Vision Safety Glasses (Amber lens) North’s N-Vision™ safety glasses feature a modern ergonomic design for the ultimate in comfort and fit. The lenses are coated with North’s exclusive 4A coating; anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-UV, and anti-static for versatility and extra-long life. These glasses come with optional RX inserts for ease of use and clear vision. These safety glasses by North meet and/or exceed ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 requirements.

North N-Vision w/ Mirror lenses are ergonomically designed for a better fit and are the ultimate in comfort. The frames of these safety glasses are made of Elasto LT; a chemical resistant material. The lenses are coated with North’s 4A coating for rugged use and durability. These glasses meet and/or exceed ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 requirements.

Knight Safety GlassesNorth Knight Safety Glasses feature teardrop shaped lenses with removable side-shields. Replacement lenses are available for purchase. The lenses are coated with North’s 3A coating which includes anti-scratch, anti-UV, and anti-static. These safety glasses meet and/or exceed ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 requirements

North’S® T1100 Overglasses fit over most prescription eyeglasses but can also be used as regular safety glasses. Offering a wide angle view, these safety glasses are coated with North’s 3A coating for durability and extra wear.

Safety Glasses between $2 and $5

According to “New research brings the impact of eye safety at work into sharp focus. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently published the results of its latest study of injuries and illness in the workplace. In 2004, 1.3 million American workers were injured on the job and required recuperation away from work. Of that number, 36,680 were eye injuries.” With such a high number of eye injuries being sustained in the workplace, it makes sense to prevent the inevitable and provide workers with superior eye protection you can trust.

MSA Alpine Safety Glasses (Clear Anti-Fog lenses) Alpine™ safety glasses are built for protection against impact and flying hazards such as dust, sparks, particles, and glare. Because of their design they give side protection as well as front, keeping the eyes safe from injuries. With the wrap-around design, Alpine Safety Glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. These safety glasses comply with all applicable test requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003. (High Impact) and are ideal for the following applications: mining, agriculture, chemical, construction, electric utility, nuclear, sanding and grinding, paper and pulp, and oil and gas.

Alpine Safety Glasses - Gray Lens

Alpine Safety Glasses - Gray Lens

MSA Alpine Safety Glasses (Gray lens) have gray lenses and feature 8 base curved lenses, protecting the eyes from front and side impact by dust or flying particles, and they comply with all applicable test requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003. (high impact). These safety glasses are ideal for most applications.

Crews CheckMate Safety Glasses (Amber lens): Crews CheckMate restful safety glasses afford the wearer complete orbital protection from flying dust, debris, and other airborne objects. The lenses filter 99.9% of UV radiation and come with exclusive Duramass® Scratch-resistant lens coating. Crews CheckMate Safety Glasses (Amber lens) meet ANSI Z87.1+ 2003 (high impact).

Crews Blackjack Safety Glasses (Chrome Frame Clear Anti Fog lenses) allow your work-crew to look cool, while protecting their eyesight. Anti-fog lenses help the wearer see more clearly when entering or leaving a cold atmosphere into a warm one and vice-versa by keeping the lenses clear and visual acuity sharp. The wrap-around fit of the glasses allow maximum clear vision and the ultimate in comfort. Crews Blackjack Safety Glasses meet ANSI Z87+ 2003 (high impact).

Harley-Davidson Safety Glasses Guide

Show your work-mates which motorcycle company you support by wearing these cool and sporty safety glasses manufactured by Harley-Davidson®–the name you know and trust. These safety glasses are made especially for the workplace or your home environment to protect your eyes from flying dust and debris — they’re not for riding your Harley!

HD500 Blue Mirror Lenses

HD500 Blue Mirror Lenses

Harley-Davidson® HD500 Series with black frame and blue wrap-around mirror lens with 10 base curves. These curves provide an optimum field of vision and side protection. This brand new style has sleek black-finished metal frames, with spring-hinges and soft rubber temple tips for enhanced comfort and fit. These Harley-Davidson® safety glasses also feature adjustable soft saddle nose pads for the ultimate in cushioned fit. These safety glasses meet 2003 ANSI Z87+ standards.

Harley-Davidson® HD400 Series with wrap-around silver mirrored lenses that wrap around the face to provide 180 degrees of panoramic vision and eye protection. Impact resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection. These safety glasses feature Harley-Davidson® signature engraving with a scratch resistant hard-coat on the lenses. ANSI Z87.1 certified.

HD700 Brown Mirror Lenses

HD700 Brown Mirror Lenses

Harley-Davidson® HD700 Safety Glasses with brown mirrored lenses break the mold where styling is concerned. Features on these safety glasses include a gun-metal finish with 8-base frame and spring-hinged temples for maximum comfort. The safety frame on these ultra-cool safety glasses has the famous Harley-Davidson® signature logo cold-forged into each temple. The classic Bar and Shield logo is laser engraved onto the lenses to show the world you love Harley-Davidson®.

Harley-Davidson® HD100 Series Safety Glasses with gold mirrored lenses offer wrap-around styling with a dual-lens look. Built-in side-shields and brow-guards ensure maximum protection from flying sand, dirt, debris, and foreign objects. This special feature ensures your eyes stay injury-free and keep you working longer on the job.

HD100 Gold Mirror Lens

HD100 Gold Mirror Lens

Harley-Davidson® HD100 Series Safety Glasses with blue mirrored lenses look sporty and cool. These glasses feature wrap-around lenses that protect the eyes from most flying hazards. Molded-in sides-shields and brow-guards; these safety glasses have adjustable spatula temples. Harley-Davidson® HD100 Series Safety Glasses meets ANSI Z87+ Standard.