Occunomix Cooling Vest

Discount Safety Gear has a great selection of safety products for use in a variety of industries. At our online store, you can choose from a great selection of brand-name products you have come to trust at unbeatable prices. If you’re looking for heat relief products like cooling vests, check out this excellent cooling vest from OccuNomix.

OccuNomix Cooling Vest with Reflexite StripesThe OccuNomix Cooling Vests with Reflexite Stripes is perfect for workers who want to wear a cooling vest on the job, but do not need an ANSI compliant model. This cooling vest offers workers an affordable option with a brilliant design. This vest is designed to maintain an approximate temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit and will hold that temperature for two to three hours. The vest is blue with reflective stripes that will make sure you are highly visible while you’re working. This vest is available at Discount Safety Gear’s online store for only $42.89, a savings of over $8 off the list price! Be sure to order the cooling packs that fit inside the vest, which are described below.

OccuNomix Cooling Packs for Reflexite VestThe OccuNomix Cooling Packs for the Reflexite Vests fit inside the OccuNomix Cooling Vest. Unlike ice and gel vests, these specially designed cooling packs are designed to maintain a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit for two to three hours and can be worn directly against the body without being uncomfortably cold or risking frostbite. There are also no tethers for potential breakdowns, a pitfall of air and water cooling vests, during operation. The cooling packs slip easily into the OccuNomix Cooling Vests and can be recharged thousands of times. The packs are safe, nontoxic, and non-carcinogenic, and the casings are ergonomically designed for comfort, flexibility, and portability. Order this set of 2 packs today for only $117.19, a savings of over $23 off the list price!

Deluxe High-Visibility Weather-Resistant Jackets from Occunomix

When you’re working on a site in tough weather, you need a jacket that can keep you warm, dry and visible even when the going gets tough. Discount Safety Gear’s online store has an incredible selection of deluxe weather-resistant, high-visibility jackets from Occunomix, one of the most trusted safety gear brands on the market. Check out two of the great styles, available at unbeatable prices at Discount Safety Gear’s online store.

Yellow Reflective ANSI Class 3 Deluxe Windbreaker by Occunomix

The Yellow Reflective ANSI Class 3 Deluxe Windbreaker Jacket by Occunomix is the perfect windbreaker for workers who need an ANSI-compliant jacket. This jacket complies with ANSI Class 3 safety standards. The jacket is made from durable polyester and includes a PU coating for wind and water resistance. The jacket also features 3M Scotchlite reflective tape for excellent visibility and black accents that help avoid the “dirty jacket” look. The jacket also comes with a detachable hood to keep your head protected from wind and rain. Order one of these great jackets today in sizes medium or extra large for only $60.50, a savings of over $17 off the list price.

The Men’s ANSI Class 3 Reflective 5-in-1 Coat by Occunomix is another great ANSI-compliant cold weather coat. This winter coat includes five great features, including ANSI Class 3 certification. The jacket is weather resistant and will keep you warm even in cold weather. The jacket also includes 7 pockets for easy access to tools or other items you need while on the job. The 2-inch 3M Scotchlite silver reflective tape will ensure that you’re visible to others, even in dim or low-light conditions. For maximum visibility, the jacket includes two 360-degree horizontal stripes and four horizontal sleeve stripes. This great jacket is available in orange or yellow in sizes small through 4XL For just $79.99, a savings of  $65 off the list price.

Occunomix High-Visibility Winter Jackets

OccuNomix Bomber Jacket

Winter is in full swing, and Discount Safety Gear’s online store has an excellent selection of high-visibility winter jackets to keep you warm and safe while on the job. Among the many brands available, the jackets from Occunomix are an excellent choice and many options are available. Check out a few of these great styles.

The Occunomix ANSI Class 3 Bomber Jacket will keep you both warm and visible while on the job. This is a great bomber jacket at a price you can afford, too. This bomber jacket is made from 100% polyester 300 D waterproof material for durability and comfort on the job and includes a fleece lining on the inside to keep you warm on cold days. The jacket also features two-inch reflective tape and a weather resistant zipper front. Other great features of the jacket include a black collar for added style and cuffs and a waistband to keep cold air out. This jacket is available in yellow in sizes medium through 5XL for just $33.99, a savings of over $10 off the list price.

The Occunomix Bomber Jacket is another excellent high-visibility, winter jacket option for workers looking for a warm jacket at an excellent value. This jacket is made from PVC-coated polyester for durability and weather resistance with a nylon lining. A removable, heavy poly fleece inner jacket will keep you warm on cold days or can be removed on warmer days. The 3M Scotchlite reflective material and silver reflective tape will keep you visible, even in dim conditions. The jacket also includes a black collar for style and cuffs and a waistband to keep the cold air out. Best of all, this jacket is available at an unbeatable value. Order one of these bomber jackets today in sizes small through 3XL for only $69.99, a savings of over $38 off the list price!

Occunomix Winter Hard Hat Liners

Winter weather is here, and, if you work outside in your hard hat, you’ll be more comfortable keeping your head and ears warm with an Occunomix winter hard hat liner, available at the best prices online from Discount Safety Gear’s online store. These great liners fit comfortably under your hard hat, cover your ears and adjust to fit your head to keep the cold air out. Check out a few of these great hard hat liners available from Discount Safety Gear.

The Occunomix Super Value Regular Length Hard Hat Liner provides all the warmth and protection you’ll need at your work site at an unbeatable value. This hard hat liner features a two layer design: a polyester Twill outer shell to keep the cold air out and an insulating fleece lining to keep your head and ears warm. Best of all, this hard hat liner is only $2.69 at Discount Safety Gear’s online store. This hard hat liner is also available in mid-length and shoulder-length to keep your neck extra warm, too.

Occunomix Extra Long Winter Hard Hat Liner

The Occunomix Extra-Long Winter Hard Hat Liner is great for workers exposed to extreme winter conditions. This hard hat liner is features an all-purpose cotton twill outer shell with polyester fleece on the inside to keep you warm. An extra-long neck keeps your neck from getting cold and an elastic forehead strip and insulated ear barrier protects your face and ears from wind, water, and cold. This great hard hat liner is available at Safety Gear’s online store for just $5.99 each. Discounts are available for ordering in quantities of six items or more, so order this great hard hat liner for your whole crew to enjoy unbeatable warmth and value.

Looking for more hard hat liners? Discount Safety Gear has many more options available at their online store!