MSA Ear Muffs

MSA Ear Muffs – Economuff

Discount Safety Gear offers superb hearing protection for jobs that pose risks to your hearing. Discount Safety Gear’s online store is pleased to offer a variety of ear muffs manufactured by MSA, one of the most respected construction gear brands on the market. MSA ear muffs will protect your ears from noise hazards in countless industries. All MSA ear muffs are third-party certified and align with ANSI S3.19-1974, EN352 standards, as well as CSA Class A standards.

The MSA Economuff Ear Muff is the perfect ear muff for a variety of conditions and offers great value, too. These lightweight ear muffs are comfortable with ear pads that can be worn all day without fatigue, but they are also durable, and will withstand the toughest and dirtiest environments. The ear muffs weigh just eight ounces and are all black with turquoise detail. Order one pair today for just $8.99, or get these ear muffs for as low as $8.09 when you order them in bulk.

The MSA Multi-Position Economy Ear Muffs are another great ear muff choice that is suitable for a variety of conditions. These ear muffs are extremely comfortable, with cushioned ear pads and a lightweight design. They also feature a crown strap and a black design with green and white ear pads. Orders these ear muffs today for just $11.49 or for as low as $10.34 when ordered in larger quantities.

The MSA HPE Headband-style Ear Muff is designed for extremely high-noise conditions, including air fields and power plants. These ear muffs provide the highest-rated protection that is available for low-frequency environments. The HPE ear muffs are comfortable, too, featuring super soft ear cushions and a padded crown strap for all day protection. These great ear muffs are available for $31.49 each or as low as $28.34 when ordered in bulk.

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MSA Full-Mask Respirators

If you work in hazardous conditions or with dangerous chemicals, we don’t have to tell you the importance of having a high-quality respirator when you’re on the job. But, at Discount Safety Gear, we can tell you that we have some fantastic options for respirators at unbeatable prices. We offer a wide variety of full-mask respirators and supplies from MSA, one of the most popular and trusted safety equipment brands on the market. Check out one of these great models.

The MSA Advantage 3000 Respirator is one of the best choice for a full-mask respirator. This respirator features a soft, pliable silicone face piece for extra comfort when you’re wearing this mask on the job. To make this face piece, MSA actually took face measurements from over 8,000 people, so we can almost guarantee you’ll be happy with the way this mask fits you. The face piece design also allows for extremely low breathing resistance and also includes a nose cup that reduces fogging when working in cool temperatures or in high humidity.

The MSA Advantage 3000 Respirator lens is sure to meet anyone’s high expectations as well. The lens wraps around your entire face and is also scratch resistant, offering you the best in comfort, visibility, and safety. The lens meets protective eye and face requirements for ANSI Z87.1.2003.

This great respirator is also versatile, compatible with all MSA filters and cartridges, and Discount Safety Gear has a great selection of these as well.

Order the MSA Advantage 3000 Respirator today in size small, medium, or large for just $138.99. If you need to order extra quantities of this mask, you can order this one for as low as $125.09.

MSA Half-Mask Respirators

If you work with hazardous chemicals or in a hazardous environment, then you surely know the importance of having a high-quality respirator when you’re on the job. At Discount Safety gear’s online store, you’ll find a great selection of half-mask respirators and supplies by MSA, one of the most popular and trusted safety equipment brands on the market. Check out just a few of the MSA respirators and supplies available at Discount Safety Gear’s online store.

The MSA Advantage 200 LS Respirator with OV-N95 Cartridges is an excellent choice for safety workers looking for a half-mask respirator. This respirator is extra comfortable due to its lightweight; the new clear blue front face piece design subtracts about one quarter of the weight from the mask and also adds a noticeable softness to this popular respirator. The mask is made of a soft, pliable combination of rubber and plastic for an extra comfortable and customized fit. For extra safety, MSA’s patented Multiflex system allows the mask to seal equally over your face with unparalleled stability.

This great mask is available in sizes small, medium, and large for just $38.09. Discounts are also available for order in quantities of three or more. The mask also comes with two OV-N95 cartridges, and extra OV-N95 cartridges can be ordered from Discount Safety Gear’s online store for just $12.09.

The MSA Advantage 200 LS Respirator with MultiGas R95 Cartridges is another great choice for a half-mask respirator. Similar in quality and style to the MSA Advantage 200 LS Respirator with OV-N95 Cartridges, this mask also features the lightweight, clear blue face piece to make this mask comfortable to wear on the job. The mask is also made from the same combination of soft, pliable rubber and plastic and the patented Multiflex system that seals equally over your face. This mask is available at Discount Safety Gear’s online store in sizes small, medium, and large for just $41.09, and discounts are available for ordering quantities of three or more. The mask comes with two MultiGasR95 Cartridges, and extra MultiGas R95  cartridges can be ordered for only $13.09.

MSA Hard Hats

MSA was established in 1914 and is still today one of the leading manufacturers of safety equipment that consumers trust. If you’re looking for a new hard hat–for yourself or for your crew–check out some of the great deals on MSA hard hats from Construction Gear’s online store. MSA hard hats can be ordered for as low as $6.06 each and can also be customized to display your business’s logo or name.

The MSA V-Gard Staz-On Slotted Protective Cap is an ideal basic hard hat, whether you just need to order one cap or you need to order in bulk. This cap features a polyethylene shell with Staz-On suspension that works in tandem as a protection system for your head. The V-Gard headwear gives this cap some style, but the cap is not designed to protect against lateral blows from the side, front or rear. See the details on the website for more information about MSA suspensions and appropriate uses for this hard hat. This great hat is available for $7.39 each in 17 colors and is available for as low as $6.65 when ordered in larger quantities.

The MSA V-Gard Fas-Trac Slotted Suspension Cap is another great basic hard hat option from MSA. The V-Gard and Fas-Trac suspension work together to protect your head from harm. Other features include ratchet suspension and V-Gard styling. Remember to use only MSA suspensions with this hard hat and see the website for complete details. Order this great hard hat for just $12.99 each and choose from a wide variety of colors. Or order in bulk and receive these hard hats for as low as $11.69 each.

Looking for ways to celebrate your construction workers? Be sure to check out Construction Gear’s excellent selection of hard hat stickers, including accident-free and other safety stickers for as low as $.69 each.

Bifocal Safety Glasses – Reading on the Job

If you have bad eyes and need to read building plans, safety manuals, or other types of documents while on the job, bifocal safety glasses can be a real lifesaver. Made by a number of reliable companies such as MSA, Pyramex, and AOSafety, bifocal safety glasses are inexpensive, comfortable and durable.

Nuvo Glasses

AOSafety makes several different bifocal safety glasses, but their Nuvo glasses are particularly popular with workers around the country. The lower half of the Nuvo glasses’ anti-fog, grey lenses is covered with magnifying values, making it easy for the wearer to read fine print and other hard-to-see details. These bifocal glasses from AOSafety also have integral side shields, a soft, universal-fit nosepiece, a cushioned brow bar and soft temples for all-day comfort.

Another popular manufacturer of bifocal safety glasses is MSA. MSA bifocal safety glasses are worn every day of the year by folks working in diverse positions within the construction, mining, nuclear and oil industries—just to name a few. They’re also very reasonably priced, which is always nice when shopping for anything.

MSA Glasses

Struggling to see clearly on the job is not only annoying but also dangerous, which makes not wearing bifocal safety glasses just plain stupid. Stop straining your eyes at work. Stop putting yourself and your coworkers in danger by obstructing your vision. Stop being foolish and get yourself a good pair of bifocal safety glasses. Would a surgeon carry out an operation without being able to see properly? I hope not! So why should you be any different? Your vision is serious business. Get your bifocal safety glasses today.

Safety Glasses between $2 and $5

According to “New research brings the impact of eye safety at work into sharp focus. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently published the results of its latest study of injuries and illness in the workplace. In 2004, 1.3 million American workers were injured on the job and required recuperation away from work. Of that number, 36,680 were eye injuries.” With such a high number of eye injuries being sustained in the workplace, it makes sense to prevent the inevitable and provide workers with superior eye protection you can trust.

MSA Alpine Safety Glasses (Clear Anti-Fog lenses) Alpine™ safety glasses are built for protection against impact and flying hazards such as dust, sparks, particles, and glare. Because of their design they give side protection as well as front, keeping the eyes safe from injuries. With the wrap-around design, Alpine Safety Glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. These safety glasses comply with all applicable test requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003. (High Impact) and are ideal for the following applications: mining, agriculture, chemical, construction, electric utility, nuclear, sanding and grinding, paper and pulp, and oil and gas.

Alpine Safety Glasses - Gray Lens

Alpine Safety Glasses - Gray Lens

MSA Alpine Safety Glasses (Gray lens) have gray lenses and feature 8 base curved lenses, protecting the eyes from front and side impact by dust or flying particles, and they comply with all applicable test requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003. (high impact). These safety glasses are ideal for most applications.

Crews CheckMate Safety Glasses (Amber lens): Crews CheckMate restful safety glasses afford the wearer complete orbital protection from flying dust, debris, and other airborne objects. The lenses filter 99.9% of UV radiation and come with exclusive Duramass® Scratch-resistant lens coating. Crews CheckMate Safety Glasses (Amber lens) meet ANSI Z87.1+ 2003 (high impact).

Crews Blackjack Safety Glasses (Chrome Frame Clear Anti Fog lenses) allow your work-crew to look cool, while protecting their eyesight. Anti-fog lenses help the wearer see more clearly when entering or leaving a cold atmosphere into a warm one and vice-versa by keeping the lenses clear and visual acuity sharp. The wrap-around fit of the glasses allow maximum clear vision and the ultimate in comfort. Crews Blackjack Safety Glasses meet ANSI Z87+ 2003 (high impact).