Miracool Hats, Bandanas and Hard Hat Pads

Sick of sweating like a dog all day long beneath the sun? I know I am. That’s why I started using these awesome Miracool Hats and Bandanas to stay hydrated at work. All I’ve got to do is soak ‘em in water for 10-20 minutes and I’m good to go. With one soaking, I can stay hydrated for days, and best of all, they’re reusable! I’ve had mine now for about 2 or 3 summers, and it sill works great!

Reversible Bucket Hat

Reversible Bucket Hat

The Miracool Reversible Bucket Hat is my own personal favorite. I look great in this thing! I even wear it when I’m not at work! Like I said before, all I’ve got to do is soak this baby for 10-20 minutes and I’m ready to rock – no need for freezing or ice. And it’s one size fits all! So you can grab one for all your work-buddies, even the ones with gigantic heads!

While I’m in love with the Reversible Bucket Hat, I can’t get over this Miracool Ranger Hat either! It’s great for camping, hunting, working, or just chillin’ out in the sun. I personally plop this thing on every time I go fishing down in the Florida Keys, where it’s definitely necessary to keep cool. It’s available in sizes Small through XL, so get yours today!

Now, as for the Miracool Bandanas, I personally think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better, not to mention affordable, way to keep workers cool, hydrated and safe. They use the same Miracool Crystals as the hats, which can hold up 1000 times their weight in good ol’ H20. And what I love most about these bandanas is that, unlike the hats, they’re available in a ton of colors including Desert/Jungle Camouflage, Cowboy Blue/Red, Navy and Black!

I haven’t actually tried the Miracool Hard Hat Pad, but I have to think that it works just as great as the hats and bandanas. This pad just fits right up inside your hard hat where it’ll be sure to keep you nice and cool all day long. Just like the hats and bandanas, it just needs to be soaked for 10 to 20 minutes, and it’s completely reusable, so there’s no need to buy a new one every summer! Check ‘em out!

About MiraCool

Combating the heat doesn’t have to be a relentless task anymore due to the invention of Mira Cool—an ingenious method of cooling that keeps you cool all day long no matter how hot the weather! Keeping your cool means that you suffer less from heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion; this in turn keeps motivation and productivity high.

miracool hatMiraCool works like this: After soaking the crystals for up to 20 minutes in water to hydrate them, they release a cooling sensation that when placed on the body cools the skin, reducing the chances of getting overheated. Just as a cold drink works to cool you from the inside, out; MiraCcool cools from the outside, in. MiraCool products may be reused thousands of times without the need for ice or freezing. The cooling effects of a MiraCool garment or pad last for approximately 2 days before they need rehydrating.

MiraCool products are especially helpful to workers during hot, humid weather when the temperature rises above body temperature. During such times, the body cannot cool itself via regular means and heat-related ailments may be imminent. This is when MiraCool saves the day by allowing cooling sensations to flow past pulse points in the body; typically causing a significant drop in body temperature for the wearer.

MiraCool products are ideal for the construction site, the beach, outside work, and workers in non air-conditioned buildings. MiraCool has combined safety products with fashion by creating colorful Miracool bandanas, headbands and ranger hats to make you look cool while cooling you down. MiraCool also manufactures a reflective safety vest and hard hat pads to keep your body comfortable and cool during hot weather when you have to be outside on the job.

Keep Cool With MiraCool

Stay cool this summer when the sun relentlessly beats down on you, by using MiraCool products around your head, body and neck to prevent heat stress. Find relief from the heat by using products especially manufactured containing MiraCool crystals within them to cool you down, preventing sun and heat related emergencies such as sunstroke and heat exhaustion.

miracoolMiraCool works like this; soak your chosen product such as a bandana in cool water for 20 minutes. During this time MiraCool crystals soak up the water up to 1000 times their weight to help you stay free from heat-related illness. The MiraCool product stays hydrated for several days. With quantity discount, the more bandanas you buy; the more money you save.

The MiraCool soft terry cloth headband works on the same principle; soak for 20 minutes for days of heat relief. All MiraCool products may be reused thousands of times and never need refrigeration or freezing. MiraCool headbands mean magic relief for hot heads.

MiraCool offers relief for hard hat wearers through their hard hat MiraCool insert. Simply soak the pad for 20 minutes and you are all set to stay cool. Miracool hard hat pads are a wise investment for construction companies who, in the middle of summer, have many workers struck down with heat-related illness. This means not only lost wages, but long delays over deadlines and unhappy homeowners. Ensure your construction projects stay on schedule by purchasing miracool vestthese pads to keep your crew cool this summer.

Protecting the neck is important on hot summer days.  MiraCool thought of this, designing a hard hat insert and neck shade to deliver cool relief for workers that must stay outside without shade. Brimmed hard hats may not offer full neck protection from the sun’s rays leading to severe sunburn and even heat-related illnesses. Soaking the pad and neck shade in cool water for 20 minutes offers days of heat relief and comfort for your work crew. Your hard-working crew will enjoy the cool comforting heat relief of MiraCool products and you’ll save a bundle by staying on schedule.