Industrial First Aid Kits

Discount Safety Gear’s online store has a great selection of first aid kits that are perfect for workplaces and industrial use. When you purchase a first aid kit from Discount Safety Gear, you’ll know exactly how many people your first aid kit can accommodate, and the exact number and type of first aid supplies that are included in your first aid kit. You’ll also receive discounts for ordering in bulk. Here are just a few options for industrial first aid kits.

The North 75-Person Bulk First Aid Kit is perfect for smaller workplaces or manufacturing settings. The kit includes a variety of adhesive bandages, antimicrobial towelettes, non-sterile conforming bandages, a CPR filter shield, an elastic bandage, eyewash, a sterile eye pad, burn cream with aloe, a first aid guide, forceps, an instant cold pack, medical gloves, non-aspirin pain reliever, a poison control directory, angled scissors, single antibiotics, sterile gauze pads, sting relief wipes, a trauma pad and a triangular bandage. All items fit neatly into a waterproof plastic kit that is ANSI Z308.1-2003 compliant. This first aid kit is only $60.95 each or as low as $54.63 when ordered in bulk.

The North 100-Person First Aid Kit contains the largest amount of first aid and medical supplies for responding to minor injuries as well as aches and pains. This kit includes a variety of adhesive bandages, adhesive tape, alcohol prep pads, antibiotic ointment, burn spray, conforming bandages, a CPR micro-shield with gloves and wipes, an elastic bandage, eye dressing pads and adhesive strips, eyewash, a first aid guide, forceps, a gauze compress, non-aspirin pain reliever, a quick stop bandage, angled scissors, sterile gauze pads, synthetic medical gloves, a triangular bandage and non-adherent pads. Everything fits into a plastic case that measures 15 inches by 10.5 inches by 4.75 inches. This kit is also ANSI Z308.1-2003 compliant. Order one today for $130.24 or order in bulk and receive these kits for as low as $117.18 each.

Industrial Safety Training Helps Companies and Employees

Every year there are several work related injuries and fatalities that cause employee distress, loss of money for companies, lives to be destroyed. Repeatedly there are articles announcing a tragic accident at a job site ranging from explosions, execution, struck by machinery, and the list goes on and on. Sadly, companies making a sound investment in industrial safety materials could have prevented many of these injuries. There are several sets of safety training materials including confined spaces, electrical safety, fall prevention, and lockout tagout.

Confined Spaces Training

Confined Spaces Training is important for workers in environments including underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, manholes, pits, silos, vessels, and pipelines. Employees working in these environments encounter hazards including toxicity, engulfment, dangerous moving parts, electrical hazards, etc. The confined spaces training set educates individuals who work in confined spaces about entry procedures, permits, importance of using gas detectors, hazard recognition, and more. Included in the set are a Trainer Tools CD-ROM with a Rescue Services Evaluation Guide, Confined Space Entry Permit, Pre-Entry Checklist, and a quick access information card. There is also supplemental information that can be customized for individualized company use.

Electrical Safety Training

Electrical Safety Training is important for those companies whose work environments present electrical hazards including electricians and cable technicians. The electrical safety training set is a “how-to-handbook” to assist supervisors and managers educate their employees about electrical hazards in the workplace. It addresses OSHA regulations and best practices for employee safety and compliance. Included in the electrical safety training set are a CD-ROM toolkit, checklists, electrical safety plans, electrical safety procedures, and more.

Fall Prevention Training is of great importance for employees whose work environments involve them working at a height of four feet or more. Several work environments including maritime, construction, and working above dangerous equipment and machinery. The material covered in the Fall Training Prevention Kit includes types of falls, surfaces, ladders, ramps, elevated work areas, and stairs. It includes a DVD, employee handbook, instructor’s guide, training log, wallet sheet cards, and an awareness poster.

Lockout Tagout Training

Lockout Tagout Training is of utmost importance for those companies whose employees work machinery. Work environments including shipyards, factories, and utility plants can use lockout tagout to prevent employee injuries. The Lockout Tagout Training Kit consists of a CD-ROM training program and a handbook to instruct employees to the correct method of lockout tagout procedures, risks, and management. This training emphasizes the importance of a designated employee turning off or disconnecting machinery or equipment source before performing service functions and much more.

Regardless of your industry, whether it is a factory, construction, maritime, cable technician, etc. industrial safety training is an essential to maintaining a profitable bottom line as well as healthy employees. All safety training materials are designed to be a complete and reliable information source to prevent injuries at the workplace. The saying, “you have to spend money to make money,” is true. In this case, your company spends a little money to reduce work related injuries, reduce lost time from employees being absent, and improve productivity from employees being present for work.