NFL Hard Hats – Product Review

It’s the season for the NFL!  Discount Safety Gear has all the NFL team hard hats. So, if the Steelers aren’t your team, we have your team’s hard hat in stock.  It usually ships in 1-2 business days.

MSA818407_-00_Pittsburgh-Steelers-V-Gard-Hard-HatThe Pittsburgh Steelers hard hat is made by MSA and provides tough, lightweight protection with a patented shock absorbing suspension. The MSA V-gard Steelers hard hat comes equipped with the comfortable, strap-adjustable Staz-On suspension. All of our NFL hard hats are officially licensed and meet the requirements of OSHA for a Type I (top impact) helmet as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003, Class E. ANSI Type I hard hats meet stringent vertical impact and penetration requirements. MSA recommends replacing hard hats and caps every 60 months and suspensions every 12 months. Safety directors will appreciate the compliance to safety which workers will acknowledge, just so they can support their favorite team. Express your NFL without even speaking and more importantly stay safe.

General hard hat info along with product specific information is all found at our Hard Hat General Information page. Questions involving head protection or for more information on ANSI and OSHA regulations as it pertains to Head Protection please visit our Head Protection FAQ’s page.

The “name” is a 2″ wide vinyl sticker that can be unique to each hard hat you purchase. The font used is Arial and the print is either white or black, depending on the color of the hard hat.


Occunomix Winter Hard Hat Liners

Winter weather is here, and, if you work outside in your hard hat, you’ll be more comfortable keeping your head and ears warm with an Occunomix winter hard hat liner, available at the best prices online from Discount Safety Gear’s online store. These great liners fit comfortably under your hard hat, cover your ears and adjust to fit your head to keep the cold air out. Check out a few of these great hard hat liners available from Discount Safety Gear.

The Occunomix Super Value Regular Length Hard Hat Liner provides all the warmth and protection you’ll need at your work site at an unbeatable value. This hard hat liner features a two layer design: a polyester Twill outer shell to keep the cold air out and an insulating fleece lining to keep your head and ears warm. Best of all, this hard hat liner is only $2.69 at Discount Safety Gear’s online store. This hard hat liner is also available in mid-length and shoulder-length to keep your neck extra warm, too.

Occunomix Extra Long Winter Hard Hat Liner

The Occunomix Extra-Long Winter Hard Hat Liner is great for workers exposed to extreme winter conditions. This hard hat liner is features an all-purpose cotton twill outer shell with polyester fleece on the inside to keep you warm. An extra-long neck keeps your neck from getting cold and an elastic forehead strip and insulated ear barrier protects your face and ears from wind, water, and cold. This great hard hat liner is available at Safety Gear’s online store for just $5.99 each. Discounts are available for ordering in quantities of six items or more, so order this great hard hat liner for your whole crew to enjoy unbeatable warmth and value.

Looking for more hard hat liners? Discount Safety Gear has many more options available at their online store!

Winter Hard Hat Liners

If you work outside in a hard hat area in the winter weather, you’ll need a hard hat liner to keep your head and ears from getting cold on the job. Discount Safety Gear’s Online Store has a fantastic selection of winter hard hat liners available at unbeatable prices. Check out some of these great hard hat liners. These make great holiday gifts, too!

The Quilted Winter Hard Hat Liner is an excellent winter hard hat liner for anyone who works outside in cold weather. This liner features a 100% quilted nylon shell, foam middle, and fleece lining for maximum warmth. The foam and binding of the hard hat liner are also fire retardant until washed. For extra warmth, the hard hat liner has two built-in pockets that can hold Hot Rods warming packs, which are sold separately. The liner also includes an elastic strip over the forehead for a snug, windproof fit. The Quilted Winter Hard Hat Liner is available for just $3.49 or as low as $3.16 when ordered in larger quantities.

North Outerwear – Winter Liner with Face Warmer

The Winter Hard Hat Liner with Face Warmer is the perfect hard hat liner for anyone who works in extreme cold weather with high winds. This hard hat liner is made from 100% fire-retardant cotton and features a long neck outer shell to keep you head and neck warm. The best feature on this hard hat liner is the removable face warmer, which keeps your nose, mouth, and cheeks protected from winter elements. This hard hat liner is available for just $6.03, a savings of almost $4 off the list price.

The Occunomix Fleece-Line Cotton Mouthpiece is a great addition to any hard hat liner. The fleece-lined cotton mouthpiece is 100% flame retardant until washed and features a cotton outer shell and elastic strap to keep your mouth and face warm on the coldest days. Order one today for just $2.21.

Full Brim Pyramex Hard Hats

If you’re looking for a full-brim hard hat for yourself or your crew, check out the great selection of Pyramex full-brim hard hats available at Discount Safety Gear’s online store. These hard hats are available at unbeatable prices, can be personalized to display your company’s logo, and discounts are available for ordering in bulk. Check out some of these great options.

The Pyramex Full-Brim Hard Hat with Ratchet Suspension is constructed from high-density polyethylene and features a low profile design for comfort and style. The hat also includes easy-to-adjust four-point ratchet suspension and a soft, replaceable brow pad for added comfort and a secure fit. This hat meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 safety standards for Type 1, Class C, G, and E hard hats. This hat is available in black, green, high-visibility orange, orange, red, white and yellow for just $8.99 and discounts are available for ordering in quantities of 20 or more.

The Pyramex Full-Brim Hard Hat with Four-Point Ratchet Suspension and Sleek Design is another great full-brim hard hat option. This hat is constructed from high density polypropylene materials to protect your head from impact and penetration. The hat also features easy-to-adjust four-point ratchet suspension and a ridge-free sleek design with no rain trough, allowing for extra style and eliminating the possibility of water pools forming on your head. The hat includes soft brow pads to absorb sweat while you’re on the job and meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standards for Type 1, Class C, G, and E hard hats. This hat is available in blue, gray, white, red or yellow for just $12.95, or as low as $11.66 when ordered in bulk. A logo can also be added for only $3.00. Order these great hats today!

Pyramex Hard Hats

If you’re looking for hard hats for yourself or for your company, Pyramix hard hats are a great option for keeping heads protected. At Discount Safety Gear’s online store, you can purchase Pyramex hard hats for as low as $2.84 each and add your company’s logo for just $1 extra. Check out some of these great hard hat styles from Pyramex, available at unbeatable prices at Discount Safety Gear.

The Pyramex Bump Cap is the perfect hard hat for workers looking for a comfortable, lightweight, and economical hat that will still keep your head safe. The Bump Cap offers protection against scrapes, scalp lacerations, and potential head injuries due to minor bumps. The outer shell of the hat is made from durable polyethylene and includes ventilation holes for comfortable air circulation. The hat also includes four-point standard suspension that is simple to adjust and a cushioned sweatband for added comfort. Choose from blue, brown, navy, orange, red, white, or yellow for just $2.99 each. Discounts are available for ordering quantities of 60 or more, and your company’s name can be added for only $3.00.

The Pyramex Hard Hat with Ratchet Suspension is a great option for workers looking for a hard hat that meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 Standards for Type 1 Class C, G, or E hard hats. This cap features a low-profile design for comfort and style, and is made from high density polyethylene for maximum protection. The hat features easy-to-adjust four-point ratchet suspension and a replaceable brow pad for comfort. A built-in rain trough on both sides and the back of the hat will help keep your head dry in wet conditions. Finally, the hat also includes accessory slots for ear muffs and a chin strap. Order these hard hats today in blue, green, gray, high-visibility orange, pink, red, white or yellow for just $6.49 each, or as low as $5.84 when ordered in larger quantities.

MSA Hard Hats

MSA was established in 1914 and is still today one of the leading manufacturers of safety equipment that consumers trust. If you’re looking for a new hard hat–for yourself or for your crew–check out some of the great deals on MSA hard hats from Construction Gear’s online store. MSA hard hats can be ordered for as low as $6.06 each and can also be customized to display your business’s logo or name.

The MSA V-Gard Staz-On Slotted Protective Cap is an ideal basic hard hat, whether you just need to order one cap or you need to order in bulk. This cap features a polyethylene shell with Staz-On suspension that works in tandem as a protection system for your head. The V-Gard headwear gives this cap some style, but the cap is not designed to protect against lateral blows from the side, front or rear. See the details on the website for more information about MSA suspensions and appropriate uses for this hard hat. This great hat is available for $7.39 each in 17 colors and is available for as low as $6.65 when ordered in larger quantities.

The MSA V-Gard Fas-Trac Slotted Suspension Cap is another great basic hard hat option from MSA. The V-Gard and Fas-Trac suspension work together to protect your head from harm. Other features include ratchet suspension and V-Gard styling. Remember to use only MSA suspensions with this hard hat and see the website for complete details. Order this great hard hat for just $12.99 each and choose from a wide variety of colors. Or order in bulk and receive these hard hats for as low as $11.69 each.

Looking for ways to celebrate your construction workers? Be sure to check out Construction Gear’s excellent selection of hard hat stickers, including accident-free and other safety stickers for as low as $.69 each.

Hard Hats – Protect Your Head

Cowboy Hard Hat

There are many different types of hard hats available today. Some hard hats are designed to look like cowboy hats. Other hard hats can feature the logos of sports teams or various national flags. These days workers can even customize their hard hats, allowing them to give their work wear a personal touch, something we all long for. Whichever type of hard hat you choose to go with, it’s imperative that you protect your head.

Personally, I’m partial to the cowboy hard hats. There’s nothing quite like strutting onto a construction site for the first time wearing a cowboy hard hat. If you’ve just joined a work-hardened crew of men that eat their lunches with greasy hands and have names like Sal and Joe, wearing a cowboy hard hat is a surefire way to earn their respect.

Along with cowboy hard hats, those featuring patriotic designs are great. After all, few things in this world are more striking than Old Glory, and anyone with red, white and blue blood pumping through their veins would do well to wear something along the lines of this American Stars and Stripes Hard Hat.

Bengals Hard Hat

On the other hand, if you happen to be of the Mexican or Canadian persuasion, hard hats featuring the Mexican flag and the Canadian Maple Leaf are also available.

Finally, if there’s one thing a man can say about any other man, it’s that he loves sports. That’s why NFL hard hats are so popular throughout the good old U.S. of A. However, fans of the Cincinnati Bengals should proceed with some degree of caution when wearing a hard hat featuring those rather feminine Bengal stripes.