Scale a Building or a Cliff – Product Review

Hey, Safety Girl- what’s shaking?! At SafetyGirlSNGNPH28_-00_Go-Pro-Girl-Pink-Safety-Harness_18, we keep you safe to make a fashion statement at work or play. Fall arrest protection is essential to any high-elevation job. Our Norguard Go Pro-Girl Safety Harness – 1 D Ring will ensure the safety of the worker in the event of a slip or fall.

The Go Pro-Girl Fall Arrest Harness is designed for the professional woman by Norguard and fits comfortably on the body and provides peace-of-mind to allow uninterrupted and worry-free performance of duty or execution of pleasure.
Norguard is a leading designer and manufacturer of fall protection equipment with over 20 years of experience in fall protection and has earned the ISO2000 certification ensuring ongoing commitment to best practices, processes, and customer satisfaction.
• Kwik-Lock Buckles For Easy Donning
• D-Ring Certified For Fall Arrest
• CSA, OSHA and ANSI Compliant
• 1-3/4″ Polyester, Reflective Webbing
• 5 Independent Points of Adjustment
• Available in XS, S, M, L, XL

Rugged Blue Safety Harness: Quality For Less

Are you looking for value and competitive prices? proudly introduces Rugged Blue full-body safety harnesses. Available now are full-body safety harnesses from Rugged Blue’s 7007 series. If you are seeking superior durability, excellent safety features, and competitive pricing then the fall protection gear in this line are for you.

Rugged Blue Safety Harness

There are four models to choose from with Rugged Blue’s 7007 series of full-body safety harnesses. Each model has its own features and benefits while providing excellent fall protection and durability. Several features of the 7007 series full-body safety harnesses are:

  • Single back D-ring, 2 D-rings or 4 D-rings
  • 2-point or 3-point adjustability
  • Standard mating buckle leg straps or 9-position tongue buckle leg straps
  • 6,300 lb. polyester webbing
  • Exceed OSHA and ANSI requirements

To make life a little bit easier here a few tips to remember when purchasing a safety harness. Make sure you choose the appropriate fit. Safety harnesses are available in a variety of sizes (refer to a sizing chart to determine the best size for you). Select fall protection that is easy for you to use and adjust. Safety harnesses are primarily available in two styles: vestype (vest style) and pullover (cross-chest).The vestype is put on the same way as a jacket and the pullover is put on like a sweater. Neither style is better than the other; it is a simple matter of personal preference.

A couple notes of reference are safety harnesses are not guaranteed to prevent injury; they are designed to reduce the risk of injury. In addition, do not forget that all of the components of a safety harness must be properly assembled and in good working order to reduce risk of injury. With that said, stay safe at work.

Personal Fall Arrest Systems Simplified

Anchorage Connector Strap

What is a personal fall arrest system? Personal fall arrest systems are a combination of three components designed to protect workers from injury in the event of a fall. The components are anchorage connectors, body wear, and connecting devices.

Anchorage Connectors

The “A” of a personal fall arrest system is the anchorage connector. An anchorage connector joins the connecting device to the anchorage point including cross-arm straps, beam anchors, D-bolts and hook anchors when a direct connection does not exist. It is important to select the proper anchorage/anchorage connector for ultimate safety. Anchorages and anchorage connectors must be easily accessible, capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. of force per worker, and they must be located high enough for a worker to avoid contact with a lower level should a fall occur.

Full Body Safety Harness

Body Wear

The “B” of a personal fall arrest system is body wear. Body wear is the personal protective equipment worn by the worker, such a full-body harness. As of

January 1, 1998, the body belt is no longer recommended. Most regulations governing fall protection prohibit the use of body belts for fall protection due to the concentration of fall forces on the abdomen. Full-body harnesses distribute fall forces throughout the body, substantially reducing the potential for injury. In addition, the full-body harness keeps the worker suspended upright in the event of a fall and supported while awaiting rescue.

Connecting Devices

The “C” of a personal fall arrest system is connective devices. Connective devices are the critical link that joins the body wear to the anchorage connector including shock-absorbing lanyards, fall limiters, self-retracting lifelines, etc. A connecting device should be selected based on the work to be performed and the work environment. In addition, it is critical to consider potential fall distance when determining the type of connecting device to be used.

Lanyard Connective Device

Individually, these three components will not provide protection from a fall. Used properly in conjunction with each other, however, they form a personal fall arrest system that becomes vitally important to safety on the jobsite and the overall fall protection program. Go get the components needed to assemble a personal fall arrest system and be safe.