Moldex Ear Muffs

Moldex is one of the most recognized and well-respected hearing and respiratory protection brands on the market for industrial work environments. When we think of Moldex, we think of comfort, quality and value. Check out the great ear muffs and other hearing protection products available at unbeatable prices from Moldex, only available at Discount Safety Gear’s online store.

Moldex M2 Multi-Position Ear Muffs

The Moldex M2 Multi-Position Ear Muffs are a terrific hearing protection option available at a great value. These ear muffs use a Soft Coat covering technology to help muffle transmitted noise and are rated NRR 26 and NRR 24. These ear muffs are incredibly comfortable and stylish, too. The ear muffs feature special grips molded into the cups to make fitting quick and easy, and a headband made of lightweight plastic makes them easy to wear all day long. These great ear muffs also feature an iridescent color, sleek and low-profile design, and curvy shape making them attractive, too. Order one pair of these great ear muffs for just $14.99, or get them for as low as $13.50 when ordered in bulk.

The Moldex M1 Premium Ear Muffs offer the ultimate hearing protection. These ear muffs use Soft Coat covering on both the ear cups and the yoke to muffle sound transmission and are rated NRR 29. Like the Moldex M2 Multi-Position Ear Muffs, these ear muffs are comfortable, durable and attractive as well. The ear muffs feature six adjustment points to provide a custom fit that will be easy to wear all day long, regardless of head size. The chrome, steel, spring headband offers maximum durability, resists fatigue, folds into a super-compact size for easy storage and maintains stability to prevent it from twisting out of shape. The ear muffs are also attractive with their iridescent color and curvy shape. Order a pair of these great ear muffs today for just $25.99.

MSA Ear Muffs

MSA Ear Muffs – Economuff

Discount Safety Gear offers superb hearing protection for jobs that pose risks to your hearing. Discount Safety Gear’s online store is pleased to offer a variety of ear muffs manufactured by MSA, one of the most respected construction gear brands on the market. MSA ear muffs will protect your ears from noise hazards in countless industries. All MSA ear muffs are third-party certified and align with ANSI S3.19-1974, EN352 standards, as well as CSA Class A standards.

The MSA Economuff Ear Muff is the perfect ear muff for a variety of conditions and offers great value, too. These lightweight ear muffs are comfortable with ear pads that can be worn all day without fatigue, but they are also durable, and will withstand the toughest and dirtiest environments. The ear muffs weigh just eight ounces and are all black with turquoise detail. Order one pair today for just $8.99, or get these ear muffs for as low as $8.09 when you order them in bulk.

The MSA Multi-Position Economy Ear Muffs are another great ear muff choice that is suitable for a variety of conditions. These ear muffs are extremely comfortable, with cushioned ear pads and a lightweight design. They also feature a crown strap and a black design with green and white ear pads. Orders these ear muffs today for just $11.49 or for as low as $10.34 when ordered in larger quantities.

The MSA HPE Headband-style Ear Muff is designed for extremely high-noise conditions, including air fields and power plants. These ear muffs provide the highest-rated protection that is available for low-frequency environments. The HPE ear muffs are comfortable, too, featuring super soft ear cushions and a padded crown strap for all day protection. These great ear muffs are available for $31.49 each or as low as $28.34 when ordered in bulk.

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Ear Protection – To Protect Your Hearing

by the Professional Power Tool Guide

When you are used to working on the construction site day after day, you can become very comfortable with the sights and sounds of big equipment working. If you are used to putting your head down and working all day every day, you should know that you might be at risk for damaging your ears and ability to hear as clearly as you should. Even though you might feel like after a few hours you can’t even hear the work that’s going on all around you, your ears are still being exposed to stressful levels of sound that could potentially harm your hearing. Ear protection to protect your hearing is essential for workplace safety.

Ear MuffsHave you ever gotten home from a long day at work to feel like your ears were constantly ringing? This is a good indication that you are being exposed to high levels of noise pollution. If you were working on a job site that had you working in tight quarters with asbestos or other airborne particulates, you would never head into the project without wearing safety goggles and a high quality dust mask or respirator. This is only good practice so that you can get the job done safely, and ear protection to protect your hearing is just as important.

If you’re not sure whether you need  to protect you hearing, you should think about the types of tools that you are working with or around for extended periods of time every day. Jackhammers, power drills, routers and buzz saws all produce high levels of close range noise pollution, and if you are working around these tools you should be aware that your ear drums are being put under a lot of stress repeatedly. High pressure and high frequencies are the enemies of a healthy ear drum.

If you think that you’ve already been damaged by noise pollution on the job site, you should have your hearing examined by a qualified professional. If they can tell that some damage has been done, they will not doubt require that you use ear protection to protect your hearing in the future. This can mean purchasing some high quality ear muffs or plugs that are designed for industrial use. There are plenty of brands of ear protection products available on the market, and you can shop around until you find the style and level of protection that is best for you.