Keep Your Eyes Safe & Protected!

Last time we covered ear safety so it makes some sense to talk about eye protection today. Eye protection is not spoken of as much as it should. You may not think your eyes need protection but surprisingly, they need as much protection as your ears do! Here are just a few of our safety glasses:


Safety Goggles are the most popular method of eye protection,as they can be used for nearly anything. They are also good for working outdoors, keeping debris out of the eye when doing outdoor work and even protecting against harmful splatters from chemicals. In addition to work, eye protection can also apply to learning and sports. Many schools use them for science classes involving chemistry or any other class that calls for the use of them. Some sports also involve the use of eye protection like swimming and skiing.


Shaded Safety Goggles can not only help protect your eyes externally but also internally, as well. Many of them protect against UV rays which can damage your eyes after prolonged sun exposure. We also recommend seeing your local eye care professional at least once a year to ensure your eyes are healthy and are getting the best care.


You can also choose from our many brands of safety glasses. Many of our brands are well-known, like DeWalt, 3M, and Pyramex. Choose from many shade colors like clear, blue, brown/bronze, or silver! And did you know you can also customize your safety glasses to include your company logo? They are perfect for your business, employees, or customers.



ANSI Requirements for Safety Glasses

Did you know ANSI (American National Standard Institute) revised safety glasses standard Z87 in 2003? The revisions are instated to improve safety guidelines for safety glasses in an effort to reduce the amount of work related eye injuries. Each component of safety glasses (sideshields, lenses, and frame) has standards that must be followed.

Side Shield Requirements

* Must be tested for high velocity compliance on basic or high impact frame test platforms

* Must be impacted at three specified points at 150 fps (feet per second)

* Attachment to “basic” frames will not upgrade the frame to “high impact” status.  NOTE: They do provide additional lateral high impact protection.

* Must be marked with the manufacturer’s and Z87 logo indicating compliance

**NOTE: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) states that side protection does not need to be permanent indicating that detachable sideshields are permissible.

Lens Requirements

High Impact Lenses

* Must not be less than 2mm thick in diameter

* Must be marked “Z87+”

Basic Impact Lenses

* Must not be less than 3mm thick in diameter

* Must be marked “Z87”

* Glass lenses are considered low or basic impact resistant

* Resin lenses are considered low or basic impact resistant

**NOTE: Dress or street wear frames regardless of frame or thickness do not meet current or previous ANSI Z87 standards and are not to be worn in the work place without approved protection worn over them.

Frame Requirements

* Must display a permanent and legible mark or logo identifying the manufacturer

* Safety glasses frames intended to hold prescription lenses must be marked “Z87-2”

* Basic impact frames must be marked “Z87” on either the frame or temple

* High impact frames must be marked “Z87+ on either the frame or temple

Keep in mind that the ANSI standards are enforced to prevent accidents and keep you and your coworkers safe. These standards can prevent you from being one of the more than 2,000 workers per day who suffer from eye injuries on the job. Nobody needs or wants to lose money from being out of work for an injury. Therefore, take the time to get yourself a pair of safety glasses, and protect your sight for many years to come.