Protect Your Hands: MCR Safety

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We are so excited to debut our BRAND NEW MCR/Memphis work gloves that we’ve added to our huge assortment of gloves, most of them being high visibility. Work gloves are just as technical as your safety eyewear. You know how you choose eyewear based on being inside, outside, welding, working with power tools, etc? Well, the same with work gloves. We offer cut resistant, high visibility, abrasion resistant and so much more. So make sure you are purchasing the correct type of gloves for your line of work.

All of these high vis featured gloves are made by the company MCR. We love this company because they specialize in PPE (personal protection equipment) so they truly know they’re stuff.

HIGH VISIBILITY: High vis gloves may be required by your work place. Even if they are not, it may be a good idea to invest in them. It makes your hands easier to be seen so that there are less accidents. For instance, if you are working with power tools and your hand is close to the working area, you or someone else is more likely to see a bright orange glove than a black glove.

Fleece-Lined Luminator Pigskin Leather Palm Work Gloves

MCR Safety High-Vis Fleece Lined Luminator Pigskin Leather Palm Work Gloves - 19251 Oil Hauler Lined Work Gloves

Memphis High-Vis Oil Hauler Lined Safety Gloves -  6410SCHV Industry grade Pigskin Leather Driver Gloves

Memphis High-Vis Industry Grade Pigskin Leather Driver Gloves - 3407

Luminator Economy Leather Palm Work Gloves

MCR Safety High-Vis Luminator Economy Leather Palm Work Gloves - 12440R

Watch your Hands Split Leather Driver Gloves

MCR Safety High-Vis Fingertip Split Leather Driver Gloves - 3100HVI

Try out a pair of these comfortable, durable and safe MCR gloves and let us know what you think! We’re excited to bring them to you and to get your input.

Warehouse Safety ⛑️

As you may know, Discount Safety Gear is one of 8 current stores at Online Stores. We operate mainly out of New Stanton, PA and our largest warehouse is also in the same area as our corporate office. Therefore, warehouse safety continues to be one of our main focuses. We spend a lot of time educating workers in the warehouse and making sure that everyone is safe and aware. So let’s talk about a few reminders for warehouse safety! Restricted Area Do Not Enter, 10x14 Plastic Sign

OSHA calls “Struck-By Hazards” anything that involves a hazardous situation such as stacking pallets and wrapping pallets for example. Stacking and wrapping is extremely important but it’s even more important to keep people away from anything that could potentially be hazardous due to failure to follow proper protocol. Bollards and impact barriers are an example of a way to keep those away from these areas. We also sell hundreds of warehouse signs such as this

10 X 14 Sign that can help aid in keeping workers where they need to be.

Some employees in the warehouse may be required for fall safety training. If you are exposed to a 4′ drop or more at anytime, OSHA requires you to have fall protection. We have plenty of options for fall protection wear here at DSG. You can purchase a full kit or even just a harness. The harness below is a FallTech 1 D Ring w/ Tongue Buckles and is one of our best sellers. It is both OSHA and ANSI compliant. We have plenty of other options too. Check out our entire fall protection products.

FallTech Safety Harness - 1 D Ring with Tongue Buckles

We just touched base on a few subjects that are important in the warehouse. Be sure to check out OSHA’s website for more information. Always remember to evaluate and plan beforehand.





OSHA Violations 2016

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At the closing of 2016, OSHA published their top violations. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at a few of them and help them make more work places aware! OSHA lets us know that these violations do change from year to year but not by very much. They also say that a good place to start looking at your company’s safety is to take a look at these top violations to see if you would pass the test. OSHA issued more than 35,000 citations in the top 10 categories in 2016 (Safety and Health). We’re going to inform you of the TOP FIVE:

1 – General Fall Protection – most often due to unprotected sides and walking/working surfaces

2 – Hazard Communication – most often due to failing to inform workers in training

3 – Scaffolding – most often due to improper procedure when scaffolding 10 feet or higher

4 – Respiratory Protection – mostly due to failure of medical evaluation

5 – Lockout/Tagout – mostly due to general procedures and following standard outlines


Discount Safety Gear cares about you and your company’s safety. We want you to be informed and to also have options at your fingertips. We sell fall protection accessories, safety signs, harnesses, repirators and so much more at extremely low prices!



Understanding Your Safety Glasses


Maybe you’re looking for a pair of safety glasses to work around the house or maybe you’re just new to the idea and need assistance getting started. We wanted to give you the basics on safety glasses and help you determine which pair is perfect for you. We’d like to feature Pyramex, one of our top sellers and best brands of safety glasses.


Just as we are all so different, different tasks require different safety precautions.


Clear – great for indoor lighting and low light conditions


Pyramex Venture Gear II – Clear


Gray – great for outdoors where light can cause strain of the eyes; reduces glare


Pyramex Venture Gear Brevard – Gray



Brown – great for outdoors where light can cause strain of the eyes; most meet traffic signal recognition requirements


Pyramex Venture Gear Overwatch – Brown


Vermilion – great for indoors; enhances contrast while reducing all color quality for color recognition


Pyramex Venture Gear Zumbro – Vermillion


Amber – great in low light; created maximum contrast enhancement


Pyramex Venture II – Amber


Mirror – ideal for work outdoors; better chance of reducing glare; reflects sunlight


Pyramex Solara – Blue Mirror

Indoor/Outdoor – allow more visible light transmission; good for those who move from indoor to outdoor; lightly tinted


Pyramex Avante – Indoor/Outdoor


Polarized – best option for outdoor work, reduces glare from water, snow, metal and concrete


Pyramex Venture Gear – Mirror Polarized


If all else fails, choose a lens based on color opposites! (aka: the color wheel) Don’t forget that you can buy in bulk here at Discount Safety Gear. Our prices are so low, please take advantage of it! We hope you enjoy Pyramex as much as we do, because we are adding more safety gear from them soon!

Mowing Time In PA

20150426_135642…and I thought last year my cleated tennis shoes would do the job on my multi-acre hillside, especially with a new self-propelled push mower. Not so! Even the propellation (is that a word?!) wasn’t enough for this little girl. I used to watch my dad mow this entire yard, with seemingly little effort. Then he’d come in and take a drink of the sun tea he had made. I remember the first time I tried to tackle the job, after over an hour later with the upper hill still untouched, gritty and breathless, I thought, “he probably would have liked if one of us had made the tea and had it ready for him.” In later years he attached a piece of rope to the mower, to stand up a few feet and allow the mower to slide down on its own, then pull it back up with the rope, so he didn’t need to bend or walk so much. He did this the fall he had to have had the cancer, before we knew it. A dying “old man” still did a much better job than this relatively in-shape girl could.

I bit the bullet and put on my pristine pink Safety Girl boots, knowing the pretty toes would green up pretty quickly from grass. I was able to mow more of the hillside (all the way up to the second garden!) with these babies. I still can’t do the full job my dad did but I think he would have been proud of what I can accomplish.

Hard Hat Hair

msavgft_-06_brown_v-gard-fas-trac-slotted-protective-capWe recently got a question from a reader on how to avoid hardhat hair. There are a few options, and none of them is difficult or expensive, but none of them is going to have  you looking like you just stepped out of a salon. Sorry! Consider it the cost of the job.

You can…

Wrap a bandana around the suspension unit to lessen the marks left behind by them.

Wear a natural-fiber hat under the hat in the winter – synthetic fibers will create static and fly-aways.

Never start with even damp hair. Wet hair will exacerbate the condition!

Style your hair while you wear the hat! If it’s long, wrap your hair into a loose bun or twisty pony shoved under the hat, and let the hat set the curl. If it’s short, carry a volumizing product with you and when you remove the hat, rub just a bit of the product between your hands and fluff your locks.

Don’t wear metal barettes, which can conduct electricity.

If you wear a ponytail down, make it low!

And here’s my personal favorite: if you part your hair on the side, start on the opposite side, and part low. When you take off the hat, flip the part to its typical position and the worst of the dented hair will be under smoother hair.

Stairway Risers


Before stairs

This weekend I had a decent chunk of time but it was too nice to spend most of it indoors. I had a nice lunch with a college friend Brit, and as we were eating Lebanese food at a new eatery, it wasn’t long before we each took out our phones to show each other our remodels. She mentioned that she has a pink tool belt – probably ours! I told her she can get a pair of workboots to match. Later I took advantage of the warm and sunny Saturday to get my mower out and make sure it was ready for the year. I also scrubbed out my kitties’ litter box. Both of these tasks were well-suited for my Safety Girl pink work boots. I was able to wash my sheets and hang them outside to dry. I love clothes dried on the line!


In progress stairs, carpet coming up and first coats of paint down.

Sunday my friend JD came and helped me go through the garage. We cleaned, cleaned out, and organized, and I sent him home with whatever he wanted that I didn’t need, for his help. In about an hour and a half, it was still cluttered, but it was cleaner and more organized clutter. This will be an ongoing summer project, and will definitely require Safety Girl’s Tough Chix gloves. And a tetanus shot.

After the sun went down both Saturday and Sunday I forced myself to paint the stairway. I am still working on the trim. I removed the runner because I love the look of the bare steps. Prying out the staples in the carpet again required the gloves. I will still need to put another coat on all the trim and clean the steps well. I am debating whether to shampoo the landing carpet, which is still in decent shape but isn’t the most contemporary, or replace it with a leftover piece of the sculptured gray carpeting from the music room. I’ll let you know.

One more weekend here (two if I do the carpeting) and I should be ready to reveal it.

Brit is going to come help me with the flooring someday this summer and I will buy her those pink work boots for her effort!