Keep Your Eyes Safe & Protected!

Last time we covered ear safety so it makes some sense to talk about eye protection today. Eye protection is not spoken of as much as it should. You may not think your eyes need protection but surprisingly, they need as much protection as your ears do! Here are just a few of our safety glasses:


Safety Goggles are the most popular method of eye protection,as they can be used for nearly anything. They are also good for working outdoors, keeping debris out of the eye when doing outdoor work and even protecting against harmful splatters from chemicals. In addition to work, eye protection can also apply to learning and sports. Many schools use them for science classes involving chemistry or any other class that calls for the use of them. Some sports also involve the use of eye protection like swimming and skiing.


Shaded Safety Goggles can not only help protect your eyes externally but also internally, as well. Many of them protect against UV rays which can damage your eyes after prolonged sun exposure. We also recommend seeing your local eye care professional at least once a year to ensure your eyes are healthy and are getting the best care.


You can also choose from our many brands of safety glasses. Many of our brands are well-known, like DeWalt, 3M, and Pyramex. Choose from many shade colors like clear, blue, brown/bronze, or silver! And did you know you can also customize your safety glasses to include your company logo? They are perfect for your business, employees, or customers.



Can You See Me Now?

High Visibility, or High-vis, are not just limited to construction or anyone doing physical labor but other occupations. You may have seen a crossing guard, a construction worker, or even a jogger wearing high-vis. They are bright and visible, especially in the dark, wintry days. Dark environments and unpleasant weather conditions make it hard to see anyone who is outside, creating hazards. Snow in particular, makes it very difficult to navigate through, especially during blizzards.

Jackets are some of the best things you can wear in high-vis. You can wear it any time you are outside, whether you are using it for work or just shoveling snow from your sidewalk. Try a simple bomber jacket for the best in protection and warmth. Some, like the Pyramex Class 3 Weatherproof Fleece Jacket, is brightly colored and has five pockets. Two pockets are good but think about what you can do with five!

However, it’s not just snow that’s a challenge. Rain is also a hassle in some places, especially in places like California that recently had wildfires and are in danger of mudslides. Our raincoats, like our bomber jackets, are brightly colored and best of all, they can be worn by everyone. Wear them on your walk or out running errands! The Occunomix Breathable Rain Coat is ideal because it’s simple and very waterproof. Best of all, it’s ANSI compliant. And don’t forget the rainboots! Our rainboots are some of the best in price in addition to being made of some of the best material. Try the CLC Rubber Rain boot or if you like a little color, the Women’s Knee High Safety Boot.

You can also try our High-Vis accessories like these thermal gloves, our Boonie Hat which is bright orange and has a nice strip of the High-Vis material or even a seatbelt cover, which fits on just about any seat belt.



NEW Welding Helmets ⚡

We love these new helmets, they are sleek, clean and look great…but not just that. They have so many awesome features that none of our other helmets have. We wanted to give you some more information with a side by side comparison of the six new helmets. If you at any time need further assistance, you have a few options. You can chat with us on the site, call customer service or Facebook message us!

These new helmets are courtesy of Pyramex Safety.


We have four WHAM30 Autodarkening Helmets in Manual 98x87mm.

They are available in the Blue Fire, American Eagle,  Flame, or Glossy Black style.


Pyramex Safety WHAM30 Blue Fire Metal Autodarkening Welding Helmet - Manual 98x87mmPyramex Safety WHAM30 American Eagle Autodarkening Welding Helmet - Manual 98x87mm


Pyramex Safety WHAM30 Flame Autodarkening Welding Helmet - Manual 98x87mmPyramex Safety WHAM30 Glossy Black Autodarkening Welding Helmet - Manual 98x87mm

These helmets are made of high-impact resistant nylon and have a fully adjustable nylon suspension.  They are supported by comfortable, pivot headgear pictured below. There is a magnification holder and four independent, staggered sensors. The viewing area is 3.858″ x 2.362″. The TIG Rating is 5 amps and below. This helmet is powered by solar cells and a replaceable lithium battery.





Headgear inside of helmet


We have two WHAM60 Autodarkening Helmets in Digital 100x60mm.

It is available in Metallic Blue or Glossy Black.

Pyramex Safety WHAD60 Metallic Blue Autodarkening Welding Helmet - Digital 100x60mmPyramex Safety WHAD60 Glossy Black Autodarkening Welding Helmet - Digital 100x60mm


The WHAM30 and the WHAM60 have the same headgear, nylon body, sensors, high speed lens, welding shade range, cartridge size, ANSI and CSA rated, etc.

However, they do have some differences.

  • The viewing area is slightly larger (100x60mm)
  • It is DIGITAL
  • There are two backup lithium batteries instead of one.


Are You Getting Enough Sleep? 💤


Americans sleep, on average, two hours

less than they did 60 years ago.

Some may argue that that’s a good thing and some may argue that it’s a bad thing. This information was found by the University of Chicago. I personally feel that to be productive in our working environments, we need our sleep. I was always told 8 hours of a sleep is a good night. Today, most working people in the U.S. (which is most of the population) sleep on average 6.1 hours per night. I know I wouldn’t be able to focus on 6.1 hours of sleep everyday.


50-70 million Americans have a sleep disorder.

Sleep disorders can include insomnia or sleep apnea. Insomnia includes those that cannot fall asleep at night or get a full night of sleep. Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder in which there are interruptions in breathing during sleep making it unrestful. Sleep is meant to rest the body, therefore sleep apnea is basically not even sleeping unless one is treated for it. About 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. 



Overtime jobs result in 61% higher risk

for injury.

Accidents are more likely to occur when people are in want of sleep. Therefore if you work overtime, or work evening shift, rotating or on-call shifts, you are more likely to be injured if you are not careful of your sleeping habits.




Okay…that may seem difficult. Maybe you have kids to take care of, maybe you need to work more, maybe you just can’t sleep. That’s okay. Just aim to at least get 7 hours / night and follow the following tips:

  • Get to bed at a consistent time every night
  • Avoid caffeine & food before bed
  • Alternate work tasks often to keep mind engaged




*Thank you to the sleep center, ncbi, cdc, and blacklinesafety for this information.

Glove Coatings 101 🖐️

Different coatings on work gloves are available depending on what you are exposed to in daily work. Even though some are similar, they are different in important aspects. For example, nitrile and latex are similar but a person with a latex allergy may be able to wear nitrile gloves because they are synthetic. We are going to go over a few coating materials and what they can provide you.

However, all gloves are made differently so this is just an overview of these materials. Be sure to check the product descriptions on the specific product you are interested in before you purchase a pair in a certain category.





  • Excellent Dry Grip
  • Thick for Snag, Puncture, Cut and Abrasion Resistance
  • Stands up well to Oils, Petrochemicals, Fuels and Most Acids
  • Made of Synthetic Rubber
  • Great Alternative if Latex Allergy Exists

Check out, Wells Lamont Kevlar Shell Foam Nitrile Palm Gloves

Wells Lamont Kevlar Shell Foam Nitrile Palm Gloves - Y9256






  • Good Dry and Wet Grip (aqueous based liquids, animals fats, caustics, acids and alcohols)
  • High Elasticity
  • Resistant to Snag, Puncture, Cut and Abrasion

Check out Wells Lamont Latex Coated Work Gloves

Wells Lamont Latex Coated Work Gloves - Y9243








  • Good Dry and Wet Grip (heavy oils, acids, caustics, grease and solvents)
  • Resistant to Snag, Puncture, Cut and Abrasion


Check out Wells Lamont Neoprene Textures Gauntlet Gloves

Wells Lamont Neoprene Textured Gauntlet Gloves -Y8418










  • Good Dry Grip; Fair Wet Grip in Slightly Wet Conditions
  • Very Thin Coating Allows for Excellent Tactility and Dexterity
  • Great for Small Parts Handling
  • Good Abrasian Resistance


Check out Memphis UltraTech Polyurethane Coated Palm Gloves

Memphis UltraTech Polyurethane Coated Palm Gloves - 9695








  • Barrier Protection (petrochemicals, oils and grease)
  • Stays Flexible at Low Temperatures
  • Economical Material
  • Good Abrasion Resistance but May be Susceptible to Punctures, Tears and Cuts
  • Effective Against Water and Detergents



Check Out Memphis High-Vis Oil Hauler Lined Safety Gloves

Memphis High-Vis Oil Hauler Lined Safety Gloves -  6410SCHV

Beat the August Heat 🔥

We’ve recently added two new hard hat shades and two new cooling vests to the mix here on Discount Safety Gear. These four items are from Ergodyne and are all high visibility. This makes them great for anyone outside working construction or traffic patrol. We’ve got you covered, literally!



Lime This Ergodyne GloWear Mesh Neck Shade (left) is perfect for August Heat. It covers the neck to keep it cool from sun while also making you visible. It is made of a lightweight mesh material and elastic to fit most hard hats. You can purchase this shade in lime or orange for only $6.15.









Sharing some of the benefits as the shade above such as high visibility, cooling, and reflective, this Ergodyne GloWear Neck Shade (right) is also ANSI-Compliant. It is made of polyester, allowing for more sun protection and has hook and loop closure. You can purchase this neck shade in lime or orange for only $6.50.









The Ergodyne Chill-Its Evaporative Cooling Vest (left) is great for keeping cool for 4 or less hours. It is made of 100% nylon and is lightweight. You activate this vest by soaking in cold water for 2-5 minutes. This vest can be purchased in either high visibility lime or grey for only $39.50.











Ergodyne Chill-Its Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest - 6685 Ergodyne Chill-Its Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest - 6685

And lastly is a really cool product, no pun intended! It is the Ergodyne Chill-Its Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest (above). The awesome thing about this vest is that it has a reservoir that you fill with 13-20 oz. of water to keep you cool UP TO 3 DAYS.

Check it out on the website for more information!

Pitch that Old Tool Bag!


We’ve added some new tool bags here at Discount Safety Gear. We’re going to go through the perks of a few of them. You can Check them all out here! We’re sure to have added something perfect for you whether you work at heights, at home in the house, or with cables, we’ve got you covered.

These new bags and rolls are from Ergodyne, a PPE company founded in 1983 to “Make the Workplace a Betterplace”. We’re selling them to you at ultra low prices because we want you to experience what it’s like to have a home for every one of your tools! No more searching the basement for that lost hammer.

Ergodyne Arsenal Dual Compartment Tool Backpack - 5843

The first one we want to mention is the Dual Compartment Tool Backpack (5843). This backpack has 26 interior pockets, 7 exterior pockets, 11 webbing loops, and padded shoulder staps. It is perfect for those working at heights. You won’t have to carry your bag, you can have both hands free and wear it on your back!









Ergodyne Arsenal Cable Organizer - 5888

Next up is the Cable Organizer (5888) which is perfect for emergency personnel and anyone working with cables. It is extremely heavy duty, made with 1680D Polyester and has a front pocket for any maps or gauges.









Ergodyne Arsenal Electrician Tool Bag - 5840


The perfect bag for an electrician, Electrician Tool Organizer! It has 48 pockets and holders, an outside tape loop and an extremely comfortable carry strap. You could easily hang it for easy access also.









Ergodyne Arsenal Large Open Face Tool Bag - 5815


The last one we want to feature is the BIG BOY. It is the Large Open Face Tool Bag (5815). Check this one out. It has 61 POCKETS, and can carry up to 100 lbs…that’s a lot of tools!










“If papa’s lucky, his brand new bag is from our Arsenal® Gear Storage Line. These backpacks, duffels, and buckets are made of heavy-duty, durable fabrics and designed to maximize storage space. All to help you take a load off Annie – or anyone else.” – Ergodyne

Protect Your Hands: MCR Safety

Image result for mcr safety

We are so excited to debut our BRAND NEW MCR/Memphis work gloves that we’ve added to our huge assortment of gloves, most of them being high visibility. Work gloves are just as technical as your safety eyewear. You know how you choose eyewear based on being inside, outside, welding, working with power tools, etc? Well, the same with work gloves. We offer cut resistant, high visibility, abrasion resistant and so much more. So make sure you are purchasing the correct type of gloves for your line of work.

All of these high vis featured gloves are made by the company MCR. We love this company because they specialize in PPE (personal protection equipment) so they truly know they’re stuff.

HIGH VISIBILITY: High vis gloves may be required by your work place. Even if they are not, it may be a good idea to invest in them. It makes your hands easier to be seen so that there are less accidents. For instance, if you are working with power tools and your hand is close to the working area, you or someone else is more likely to see a bright orange glove than a black glove.

Fleece-Lined Luminator Pigskin Leather Palm Work Gloves

MCR Safety High-Vis Fleece Lined Luminator Pigskin Leather Palm Work Gloves - 19251 Oil Hauler Lined Work Gloves

Memphis High-Vis Oil Hauler Lined Safety Gloves -  6410SCHV Industry grade Pigskin Leather Driver Gloves

Memphis High-Vis Industry Grade Pigskin Leather Driver Gloves - 3407

Luminator Economy Leather Palm Work Gloves

MCR Safety High-Vis Luminator Economy Leather Palm Work Gloves - 12440R

Watch your Hands Split Leather Driver Gloves

MCR Safety High-Vis Fingertip Split Leather Driver Gloves - 3100HVI

Try out a pair of these comfortable, durable and safe MCR gloves and let us know what you think! We’re excited to bring them to you and to get your input.

Warehouse Safety ⛑️

As you may know, Discount Safety Gear is one of 8 current stores at Online Stores. We operate mainly out of New Stanton, PA and our largest warehouse is also in the same area as our corporate office. Therefore, warehouse safety continues to be one of our main focuses. We spend a lot of time educating workers in the warehouse and making sure that everyone is safe and aware. So let’s talk about a few reminders for warehouse safety! Restricted Area Do Not Enter, 10x14 Plastic Sign

OSHA calls “Struck-By Hazards” anything that involves a hazardous situation such as stacking pallets and wrapping pallets for example. Stacking and wrapping is extremely important but it’s even more important to keep people away from anything that could potentially be hazardous due to failure to follow proper protocol. Bollards and impact barriers are an example of a way to keep those away from these areas. We also sell hundreds of warehouse signs such as this

10 X 14 Sign that can help aid in keeping workers where they need to be.

Some employees in the warehouse may be required for fall safety training. If you are exposed to a 4′ drop or more at anytime, OSHA requires you to have fall protection. We have plenty of options for fall protection wear here at DSG. You can purchase a full kit or even just a harness. The harness below is a FallTech 1 D Ring w/ Tongue Buckles and is one of our best sellers. It is both OSHA and ANSI compliant. We have plenty of other options too. Check out our entire fall protection products.

FallTech Safety Harness - 1 D Ring with Tongue Buckles

We just touched base on a few subjects that are important in the warehouse. Be sure to check out OSHA’s website for more information. Always remember to evaluate and plan beforehand.





OSHA Violations 2016

Image result for fall protection


At the closing of 2016, OSHA published their top violations. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at a few of them and help them make more work places aware! OSHA lets us know that these violations do change from year to year but not by very much. They also say that a good place to start looking at your company’s safety is to take a look at these top violations to see if you would pass the test. OSHA issued more than 35,000 citations in the top 10 categories in 2016 (Safety and Health). We’re going to inform you of the TOP FIVE:

1 – General Fall Protection – most often due to unprotected sides and walking/working surfaces

2 – Hazard Communication – most often due to failing to inform workers in training

3 – Scaffolding – most often due to improper procedure when scaffolding 10 feet or higher

4 – Respiratory Protection – mostly due to failure of medical evaluation

5 – Lockout/Tagout – mostly due to general procedures and following standard outlines


Discount Safety Gear cares about you and your company’s safety. We want you to be informed and to also have options at your fingertips. We sell fall protection accessories, safety signs, harnesses, repirators and so much more at extremely low prices!