Are You Getting Enough Sleep? πŸ’€


Americans sleep, on average, two hours

less than they did 60 years ago.

Some may argue that that’s a good thing and some may argue that it’s a bad thing. This information was found by the University of Chicago. I personally feel that to be productive in our working environments, we need our sleep. I was always told 8 hours of a sleep is a good night. Today, most working people in the U.S. (which is most of the population) sleep on average 6.1 hours per night. I know I wouldn’t be able to focus on 6.1 hours of sleep everyday.


50-70 million Americans have a sleep disorder.

Sleep disorders can include insomnia or sleep apnea. Insomnia includes those that cannot fall asleep at night or get a full night of sleep. Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder in which there are interruptions in breathing during sleep making it unrestful. Sleep is meant to rest the body, therefore sleep apnea is basically not even sleeping unless one is treated for it. About 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea.Β 



Overtime jobs result in 61% higher risk

for injury.

Accidents are more likely to occur when people are in want of sleep. Therefore if you work overtime, or work evening shift, rotating or on-call shifts, you are more likely to be injured if you are not careful of your sleeping habits.




Okay…that may seem difficult. Maybe you have kids to take care of, maybe you need to work more, maybe you just can’t sleep. That’s okay. Just aim to at least get 7 hours / night and follow the following tips:

  • Get to bed at a consistent time every night
  • Avoid caffeine & food before bed
  • Alternate work tasks often to keep mind engaged




*Thank you to the sleep center, ncbi, cdc, and blacklinesafety for this information.
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