Bifocal Safety Glasses – Reading on the Job

If you have bad eyes and need to read building plans, safety manuals, or other types of documents while on the job, bifocal safety glasses can be a real lifesaver. Made by a number of reliable companies such as MSA, Pyramex, and AOSafety, bifocal safety glasses are inexpensive, comfortable and durable.

Nuvo Glasses

AOSafety makes several different bifocal safety glasses, but their Nuvo glasses are particularly popular with workers around the country. The lower half of the Nuvo glasses’ anti-fog, grey lenses is covered with magnifying values, making it easy for the wearer to read fine print and other hard-to-see details. These bifocal glasses from AOSafety also have integral side shields, a soft, universal-fit nosepiece, a cushioned brow bar and soft temples for all-day comfort.

Another popular manufacturer of bifocal safety glasses is MSA. MSA bifocal safety glasses are worn every day of the year by folks working in diverse positions within the construction, mining, nuclear and oil industries—just to name a few. They’re also very reasonably priced, which is always nice when shopping for anything.

MSA Glasses

Struggling to see clearly on the job is not only annoying but also dangerous, which makes not wearing bifocal safety glasses just plain stupid. Stop straining your eyes at work. Stop putting yourself and your coworkers in danger by obstructing your vision. Stop being foolish and get yourself a good pair of bifocal safety glasses. Would a surgeon carry out an operation without being able to see properly? I hope not! So why should you be any different? Your vision is serious business. Get your bifocal safety glasses today.

4 thoughts on “Bifocal Safety Glasses – Reading on the Job

  1. All the features of Nuvo glasses are amazing. MSA bifocal safety glasses are best for the people who are working in diverse positions within the construction, mining, nuclear and oil industries. Thanks for sharing nice post.

  2. Hi, I think that eyeglasses has become the status symbol because now they are coming in different types and looks wise. I must say that people around here and there always seeking to copy celebrities eyeglasses.

  3. Eyeglasses are one of the only “accessories” that society allows a guy to wear. I’ve always admired how they showed my intellect. Every time I see a friend with a pair of nifty glasses, I want to try them on to see how they would look on me.

  4. I’m sure plenty of workers could benefit from bifocal safety glasses! When the options are not being able to see or not protecting your eyes, glasses like this are a godsend! It’s much more practical than wearing two pairs of glasses.

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