Crews Safety Glasses

When it comes to eye protection we have a range of low-priced affordable safety glasses in an assortment of colors and styles to suit the most discerning workers. All of our safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+ 2003 safety compliance regulations to protect your eyes from sun, dust, dirt and flying foreign objects. Strength and durability coupled with stylish good looks—who could ask for more in safety glasses?

crews safety glasses

  • Crews CheckMate Safety Glasses – For safety and excellent value these safety glasses are hard to beat! These safety glasses by Crews are extremely lightweight and they offer almost complete orbital eye protection due to their design. Featuring bayonet temples and universal nose-bridge, comfort is assured. The lenses filter 99.9% of UV radiation and come with an exclusive Duramass® Scratch-resistant lens coating for lasting protection against scratches. These safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+ 2003 safety compliance standards.
  • Crews CK2 Safety Glasses – Feature trendy styling coupled with maximum protection at minimum cost. Strong and lightweight, these safety glasses feature polycarbonate lenses that filter 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Lenses are treated with Duramass® scratch-resistant coating for longer lasting clear vision. These safety glasses meet ANSI Z87+ 2003 safety requirements.
  • Crews Triwear Safety Glasses – The launching of the aspheric safety lens shook the industry as it features the widest optically correct viewing zone, providing superior vision for most wearers. Polycarbonate aspheric lenses offer UV protection shielding the eyes from 99 percent of harmful rays. A trendy clip-on breakaway cord and satin carrying bag comes free of charge with each pair of safety glasses that you purchase. These safety glasses come with an onyx frame and a choice of lenses. ANSI Z87+ 2003 compliant.
  • Crews Winchester Mossy Oak Safety Glasses – These safety glasses blend right in with your camouflage field gear when you are out hunting, fishing, or whatever else! These safety glasses look just as good serving their purpose on the work floor as they do in the woods. Mossy Oak is a registered trademark of Haas Outdoors, Inc. and is used with permission. Meets ANSI Z87+ 2003 requirements.

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