Jackson Safety Glasses

For superior eye protection in safety glasses, one of the best and trusted names in the industry is Jackson. Not only do Jackson safety glasses meet safety requirements; they look trendy and sleek—and are bound to be a big hit with your employees who will love the choice of colors and styles and most of all – they’ll be happy to wear them!

Jackson Safety Glasses

  • Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses (Blue Mirror Lens) – With styles sleek and sporty just the way you like them to be, the Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses line features soft touch temples for the ultimate in comfort coupled with lightweight construction. These safety glasses feature a wrap-around lens to give more protection to both the front and sides of the eyes. This item comes with a free neck cord to keep your safety glasses handy. These glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+ standards.
  • Jackson Cudas Safety Glasses (Amber Lens) – Jackson Cudas Safety Glasses feature a folded-back lens designed for better peripheral vision and optimum protection. These safety glasses also feature CudaSlide adjustable temples for a good fit. The indoor/outdoor lens of these glasses reduces glare and even increases the duration of wear without the eyes becoming tired.  Perhaps the most popular feature of the Jackson Cudas Safety Glasses are the trendy frames that encourage wear of these incredibly durable safety glasses.  Also, they come equipped with modified nylon lenses for added strength. These glasses meet high impact requirements of CSA Z94.3 but not side impact requirements.
  • Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses (Black Frame/Blue Shield) – Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses are cool, hip and popular with employees who love them not only for their looks but for their excellent eye protection. Available in a variety of colors, these safety glasses come equipped with their own handy neck cord. This item meets ANSI Z87.1+ standards for front and side protection of the eyes.

Also — Don’t forget cleaning supplies for your new glasses!  Buy accessories to keep your safety glasses in new condition at the Discount Safety Gear store today!

7 thoughts on “Jackson Safety Glasses

  1. Would it be possible to acquire samples of safety glasses to evaluate for my Equipment Services crew?

    Tom Connor
    Safety Steering Committee member

      1. I saw on the TV series, Brink, that your safety glasses proved to be vastly superior to the two other major safety glass manufactures. I especially like the wrap around feature eliminating the necessity of side shields for better periphial vision.

        I’ve forwarded your website to our Evironment Safety and Health manager in hopes their office will order an assortment for us to evaluate.

        Thank you for you information.

  2. I was wondering if you could give me the corporate info for Jackson? One of my employees was involved in a freak accident a few weeks back where a chain snapped and hit him in the face and by the appearance of the glasses it is appearant that the glasses saved his eye. I have the glasses with an imprint of a link in the lense which alone is an incredible testimony of the quality of the glasses. Feel free to contact me for additional info.

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