Customized Safety Glasses Guide

yhst-38637167768280_2061_35714332According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), “more than 65,000 work-related eye injuries and illnesses, causing significant morbidity and disability, are reported in the United States annually.” The AAFP also reported that, “workers who have the highest risk of eye injuries include fabricators, laborers, equipment operators, repair workers, and production and precision workers.” Purchase reliable safety glasses from Discount Safety Gear to protect the eyes from unnecessary injury, permanent or otherwise. We have just what you need to protect the eye health of workers, visitors and children, while promoting your brand.

Customized Crews® Safety Glasses – Klondike Customized Crews® Safety Glasses imprinted with your own logo are available for purchase. A minimum order of 72 is required differing in price according to how many colors you would like incorporated into your logo. Clear anti-fog lens, gray lens, amber lens, and silver mirror lens are available. This item ships in 15 business days to allow for the final approval of logos.

Custom Imprinted Pyramex Safety Glasses – Cortez are available imprinted with your own logo—minimum safety glasses close uporder 96 with no set-up fee. This brand of safety glasses is available with an option of one to three colors to be incorporated into the logo. A variety of lens colors are available including clear lens with black frame, gray lens with black frame, purple lens with black frame, I/O mirror lens with gray frame. All Pyramex safety glasses meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact Requirements.

Custom Imprinted Crews Safety Glasses – BearKat incorporate safety with ergonomic contouring that flatters the face while protecting both the sides and the front of the eyes from flying debris, dirt and other airborne foreign bodies. Stylish and functional Crews Safety Glasses – BearKat offer great looks with optimum eye protection. Colors available in this style include clear anti-fog lens, gray anti-fog lens, silver mirror lens, and blue diamond lens. As always quantity discounts are available; the more you buy, the more you save.

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