I Need Safety Sunglasses!

Has shopping for safety sunglasses been a hassle for you?

With all of the different colored lenses, it can be quite the ordeal. Trust me, I know this from my own experience. After being blinded by the sun for months, I finally decided to purchase safety sunglasses. Let me tell you the choices of lens colors were very confusing. Lucky for all of you industrial workers there is the Wiley X Lens Color Guide. It has descriptions for 12 different colors of lenses. Sound overwhelming? Trust me this guide makes the selection process much easier.

Here are a few hints for finding the right safety sunglasses for you:

Silver, Smoke Green, Blue Ice, Smoke, and Red lenses provide optimal glare reduction for bright sunny days.

Pale Yellow, Light Rust, and Pale Rose lenses have just the right amount of glare reduction for overcast or low light days.
Bronze Brown and Copper lenses provide good glare reduction as well as enhance terrain details and contours.

Light Adjusting Gray lenses adjust to the level of light that you are in. The lens becomes darker in bright light and lighter in low light.
Check back soon for more postings about safety glasses. You never know what you will read next!

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