Wiley X Safety Sunglasses Provide Functionalism and Style

Do you appreciate function, quality, and price? I do and that is why I am issuing this product review about safety sunglasses by Wiley X Eyewear. The company definitely thought to design safety with functionalism and style in mind. At first glance these appeared to be regular everyday sunglasses. The reality is Wiley X sunglasses are ANSI compliant as well.

Wiley X Safety Sunglasses

You can wear these glasses for hunting, work, motorcycle riding, fishing, sports, going out, or anything else you can think of. Not only are Wiley X sunglasses functional and stylish they have several outstanding features. Look and see for yourself.

* Ultrafoam and Facial CavityTM designs protect the eyes from contact with wind, sand, dirt, etc. Also reduces the occurrence of dry-eye syndrome by eliminating airflow around the eyes.

* Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate Lenses are made from impact resistant materials that prevent your lenses from breaking.

* T-Shell and Foil Lens hard coatings provide both anti-scratch and anti-fog protection.

* Most styles are prescription ready making life more pleasant by reducing the need for a second pair of safety glasses.

* Lenses provide glare reduction with 100% UVA/UVB protection and distortion free clarity so that you see colors as they really are.

* Frames made of heat resistant material eliminating fears that your glasses will melt.

* Frames are designed with a 90-degree wrap-back design eliminating tunnel vision.

* Lenses exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI Z80.3 optical standards.

* Large selection of safety glasses to choose from to suit your individual preference.

Wiley X Safety Sunglasses

Wiley X safety sunglasses are an ideal for anyone who wants to purchase one pair of glasses to use for everything. Yes, the prices are slightly higher than other brands, but you save money in the long run. You save money by your safety glasses being durable, dependable, and can go wherever you go. Who does not want to save money and have the convenience of all-in-one sunglasses?

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