Cheap vs. Pricey Safety Sunglasses

There is an age-old saying: You get what you pay for. Is this true when purchasing safety sunglasses? The answer to that is it all depends on what you are looking for. I did an extensive review of all our safety sunglasses and found that they provide similar features. The differences were in style and versatility.

Cheap Safety Sunglasses

You can purchase safety sunglasses ranging in price from $1.49 – $122.50. This made me wonder: are the expensive safety sunglasses better than their counterparts? My findings showed me this all depends upon personal preference. While testing all the different safety sunglasses, I did notice that as the price increased so did function and style. The less-expensive styles ranging in price from $1.49 – $16.99 appeared to be those that could only be worn at work. I say this because they were a basic plain design only meant for work purposes.

Do not get me wrong these glasses provided all the features you need, such as lightweight, durable, high impact polycarbonate lenses, 99.9% UVA/UVB protection, and they meet ANSI Z87.1 standards. The styles in the less expensive price range are a great deal for wearing to work alone. What if you would rather not purchase separate sunglasses for all the other activities in life, such as cutting the grass, fishing, hunting, sports, etc.?

I, myself, am one of those people who prefers to purchase items that are multi-functional in use. Therefore, as I continued my review of our safety sunglasses, I found that the styles priced from $17.99-$122.50 offered this feature. As the price of different styles increased so did the versatility factor.

Mid Priced Safety Sunglasses

You see, many manufacturers are offering safety sunglasses that are for work as well as all the other activities in your life. The styles in this price range do not look like traditional safety glasses. They are cool and stylish without anyone knowing they feature industrial eye protection. I am telling you eye protection has evolved into another arena, offering people the convenience of purchasing one pair of sunglasses that offer all the features you need such as lightweight, durable, high impact polycarbonate lenses, 99.9% UVA/UVB protection, and they meet ANSI Z87.1 standards. Yes, these styles are more expensive, but a bargain in the end. You only need one pair of sunglasses for everything.

Expensive Safety Sunglasses

In essence, it all boils down to what you plan to do with your safety sunglasses. Are you strictly wearing them to work? If so, then I recommend purchasing a less expensive style. Are you wearing your safety sunglasses for multiple purposes such as fishing, work, sports, hunting, motorcycle riding, etc.? In this instance, you are better to purchase a style in the higher price bracket to have the convenience of one pair of sunglasses. Besides, who needs more things to keep track of? One pair of sunglasses to do it all… it is ingenious.

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